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Last post of 2016 - see you next year

Less than six hours left until 2017 - I actually can't believe it. The year has gone so fast. Not that this year has been so great. Two of my grandparents passed away this year. A few distant family members I didn't really know also passed away. Also my mum hasn't been feeling great lately, nothing serious, she just isn't very well. Sigh. Hopefully 2017 will be a lot better than 2016, I'm pretty convinced it will be. Still - even though I always look forward to the new year I'm always kinda sad to see the old year go. Anyway.

In other news, the landlord came to our house this morning to fix the shower as it hadn't been working properly for a few days. So now I can take proper showers again, yay! Nothing else really happened today, later on we'll have New Year's Eve dinner and then we'll stay up until midnight to say hello to the new year. I always feel so tired waiting for midnight, though - my usual bedtime is at around 10.30. Last year I nearl…

Ice skating at Canary Wharf

Today I went ice skating with a friend at Canary Wharf Ice Rink. I'm so tireeeed right now, I don't even know how I'm managing to write this blog post, I can't string together two consecutive words. My feet hurt. The ice rink was super packed. I could barely skate a few metres without bumping into someone. I didn't fall over at all, though my friend did. Umm... that's all I can think to say about it. Like I already said, so tired.

This post is too short, I should write about something else. Umm...

Oh yeah, there's only two days to go until the new year. I can't believe the year has gone so quickly. Well, it always goes quickly. Don't know what I'm doing for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day but I guess I'll just do something with my family. The 1st of January I'll probably wake up around midday because I'll be up so late the night before.

Well, that's all for today. I can't be bothered to write anything better.


Day out in central London (expect a rant about tourists)

Today my parents and I went to the Odeon Cinema at Leicester Square to watch Fantastic Beasts. The day didn't start that well. My mum went to the station before me and my dad to top up her oyster card and the train came and she thought that my dad and I had already gotten on it, so she got on. But we hadn't, we showed up a little later, missing the train, and we had no idea where my mum had gotten to. We got on the next train. We tried calling her but she'd left her phone at home. Seriously who leaves their phone at home these days?? My parents are lovely but they're so useless when it comes to technology. Anyway I was really worried cause I didn't know what had happened to her, but she called my dad from a public phone while we were on the train to tell us she was at Charing Cross station. So it was all fine and we met at Charing Cross and then we practically had to run to the cinema because we were running late and the film was about to start.

The actual film was…

Today's events and some stuff about cinemas

Not sure what to write about. Nothing much happened today. I went round a friend's house in the afternoon and we played some games together. Her little sister played with us and at some point she started laughing for no apparent reason, and kept laughing for about ten minutes straight. Other than that, nothing really interesting happened. I'm a little tired cause last night it took me forever to get to sleep.

I think tomorrow my parents and I are going to go and see the new Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts or whatever it's called. We haven't booked tickets, though, so we'll see. If we do end up seeing it, I guess I can write a review here about it?

I've only been to the cinema like once, last year, to see the new Star Wars movie. Everyone kept saying how good it was, but to be honest I didn't think it was so great. I don't really remember what it was about but I remember thinking that it was really similar to the first Star Wars movie (wait, it's…

Slippers, Wiis and writer's block

Nothing interesting happened today, other than that my dad and I went to a shop to change a gift we got my mum for Christmas, a pair of slippers, that were too small for her, for a pair that were her size, only they didn't have the right size at the shop, so we didn't change the slippers in the end, so it was all a complete waste of time. Then when we came home my dad and I went on the Wii. My dad bought our Wii off Ebay about a couple of months ago, for £15. I know, so cheap. And it actually works!! So I'm on the Wii all the time now, and all my friends are like, oh, I used to go on that when I was younger, and I'm like... well, I go on it now, ok?

I was trying to write until a while ago. I'm working on a really long creative writing project and I'm ALMOST at the end... but I'm suffering from total writer's block, I have no idea how to bring it to a close. Also it doesn't help that I have a new laptop because my old one was rubbish, and don't g…

Hello and Welcome To My New Blog

Hey there!

Welcome to my new blog.

Not entirely sure what it's going to be about. Guess I'll just use it to write down things that happen in my less-than-interesting life and the deep dark thoughts that go through 15-year-old mind, and to rant about the unfairness of life, and why do people sometimes do dumb irrational things like playing loud music and not saying thank you when you help them out and not replying to my texts when it's something important. I'll probably throw in some book and movie reviews, too. I love reading and creative writing is my absolute life.

Well, we'll see where this goes. It'll be a journey, I guess.

See you later