Day out in central London (expect a rant about tourists)

Today my parents and I went to the Odeon Cinema at Leicester Square to watch Fantastic Beasts. The day didn't start that well. My mum went to the station before me and my dad to top up her oyster card and the train came and she thought that my dad and I had already gotten on it, so she got on. But we hadn't, we showed up a little later, missing the train, and we had no idea where my mum had gotten to. We got on the next train. We tried calling her but she'd left her phone at home. Seriously who leaves their phone at home these days?? My parents are lovely but they're so useless when it comes to technology. Anyway I was really worried cause I didn't know what had happened to her, but she called my dad from a public phone while we were on the train to tell us she was at Charing Cross station. So it was all fine and we met at Charing Cross and then we practically had to run to the cinema because we were running late and the film was about to start.

The actual film was quite good. I would write a review on it but I'm can't be bothered right now, heh. I'll just say the special effects were good and the story was quite interesting, though to be honest I missed some bits and I got a bit confused. Cause I barely go to the cinema, whenever I do I pay more attention to the fact that I'm in a cinema than to the actual film. The cinema was quite nice, SO much better than the one we went to last year, but I guess it's normal since it's a cinema in central London, the one we went to last year was somewhere near where I live. The seats were super comfy.

After the movie we went to Costa for lunch since it was like, 4pm and we hadn't had lunch yet. Then we went for a walk around the area, seeing the Christmas lights, but it was so packed with tourists we didn't really walk much. Seriously, why do tourists have to be so... annoying? They just stop in the middle of the street to take photos of, like, pigeons or something, and you just bump into them. Today, about five different people just suddenly stopped in front of me, and I had to swerve around them or I would have walked straight into them. Sigh. I hate crowds, too. They make me feel claustrophobic. So we walked for a bit then took the train home.

Anyways that's it for today,



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