Last post of 2016 - see you next year

Less than six hours left until 2017 - I actually can't believe it. The year has gone so fast. Not that this year has been so great. Two of my grandparents passed away this year. A few distant family members I didn't really know also passed away. Also my mum hasn't been feeling great lately, nothing serious, she just isn't very well. Sigh. Hopefully 2017 will be a lot better than 2016, I'm pretty convinced it will be. Still - even though I always look forward to the new year I'm always kinda sad to see the old year go. Anyway.

In other news, the landlord came to our house this morning to fix the shower as it hadn't been working properly for a few days. So now I can take proper showers again, yay! Nothing else really happened today, later on we'll have New Year's Eve dinner and then we'll stay up until midnight to say hello to the new year. I always feel so tired waiting for midnight, though - my usual bedtime is at around 10.30. Last year I nearly fell asleep on the sofa.

Well, that's it, last post of the year.  Happy New Year to everyone!

See you next year,



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