Slippers, Wiis and writer's block

Nothing interesting happened today, other than that my dad and I went to a shop to change a gift we got my mum for Christmas, a pair of slippers, that were too small for her, for a pair that were her size, only they didn't have the right size at the shop, so we didn't change the slippers in the end, so it was all a complete waste of time. Then when we came home my dad and I went on the Wii. My dad bought our Wii off Ebay about a couple of months ago, for £15. I know, so cheap. And it actually works!! So I'm on the Wii all the time now, and all my friends are like, oh, I used to go on that when I was younger, and I'm like... well, I go on it now, ok?

I was trying to write until a while ago. I'm working on a really long creative writing project and I'm ALMOST at the end... but I'm suffering from total writer's block, I have no idea how to bring it to a close. Also it doesn't help that I have a new laptop because my old one was rubbish, and don't get me wrong I love my new laptop, it's about a million times faster than my old one, but I'm still getting used to the keyboard and I keep making all these really annoying typos. I guess I should just take a break and get back to my story in the new year.

Well I've got to go and have dinner now,

Thanks for listening to my rant, until next time,



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