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I had fun doing physics - the world must be about to end

Okay, something happened just now that is completely incredible. I was doing physics. And I actually ENJOYED it. Oh my god, the world must be about to end. I usually hate physics, I'm not into any type of science actually, it's just totally not my thing. Just now I was doing questions on kinematics, stuff like "if so and so goes at this speed and travels this amount of metres how long does it take" and so on and so forth, which usually makes me feel like committing suicide. Once I swear to god I had a mental breakdown while doing physics questions cause I had no idea how to solve ANYTHING. I felt like such an idiot, my brain seemed to have a short-circuit, and by the end I didn't even know how to convert metres to kilometres. But I seem to have gotten the hang of it, and you know? I found it quite fun to figure out the speed of some car and the acceleration of some other train. Life as we know it has changed forever.

I've done quite a lot of studying today, I…

Long day - I had karate and dance and I got attacked by hailstones

This morning I had to wake up early to go to a special karate class. It wasn't that early, it was like eight am, which isn't so bad on a weekday, but on a SATURDAY! I like waking up late on Saturdays. The class was alright, but we got taught so many things I'd never done or seen or even heard of that by the end I was so confused. And there were so many people, we could barely fit. I like my class on Tuesdays, there's only like 5 of us or something, it's way more relaxed.

And after the class was over I had to rush home and have lunch, because then I had to go to my singing and ballet lessons in the afternoon. We're learning a new song in singing, that will also be done in the show. And my ballet teacher was away today, so we had a cover teacher, she was alright. Then when I was making my way home with my dad it started raining really heavily and we didn't have an umbrella, so we basically ended up running home. It started hailing when we were nearly home, we…

My views on "normal teenage girl stuff", i.e. the reason I have no social life

Trends: why should I do something or wear something just because everyone else does?

Clothes: are something you wear to keep warm.

Shoes: you wear them on your feet. They should be as comfortable as possible.

Hair: you should brush it from time to time, I'm not saying you shouldn't, but apart from that what's the big deal?

Make-up: is worn by people with no self-esteem.

Weight: unless your weight is causing you health problems why would you worry about it?

Shopping: is the most boring thing in existence.

Celebrities: are just normal people with normal lives, what they do is of no importance to me.

Boys: are just normal people, why should I behave any different around them than around other girls?

Romantic books/movies: make me wanna puke.

Selfies: it's okay to take one from time to time, but why would you take hundreds of them every day? What's so interesting about your face anyways?

Social media: why do people my age want to live on their phones? What's so bad…

Orthodontist's appointments and upcoming exams: I don't know what I'm doing with my life

Yesterday I had an appointment with the orthodontist. I'm gonna get braces fitted next week, and the orthodontist had to take measurements of my teeth, make moulds, take pictures of what my teeth look like now before the treatment, take a couple of x-rays, whatever it was a bit of a pain and it took AGES, we were there for over an hour. I got some elastic bands fitted around my back teeth to separate them or something before I get the actual braces done. They don't hurt or anything, but it feels a bit weird, kinda like I've got a piece of chewing gum stuck to my back teeth, and I keep instinctively trying to push them out with my tongue, and I have to keep reminding myself to stop. Next week the bands will come off and I'll get the actual braces. I'm not sure if I like the idea of having braces or not, on one hand it'll be good to get my teeth straightened (they're a mess right now) but I heard they hurt a bit at first until you get used to them. Oh well, I…

Weird dreams, how does my brain come up with this stuff

Okay, so I'm not having a very good day today. Why are Mondays always so sucky? I spend all day feeling half asleep, I have absolutely no concentration, I don't feel like doing anything except going to sleep. I don't like Mondays.

Today I was woken up by the sound of a drill; there was some type of building work going on in our street. I don't know why, but I was convinced that it was the sound of someone doing the hoovering, and I also thought that it was Sunday morning, and I was like, who the hell is doing the hoovering at 5am on a Sunday morning? Don't know where I got the 5am bit from, either. I think I must have been having a dream and the real world sort of got mixed up with the dream. Then I woke up a bit more and I realised that it was a Monday morning and the sound was a drill and it wasn't 5am, it was actually closer to 9am, I'd overslept, so it was actually kind of a good thing I'd been woken up. My brain does the strangest things sometimes.

Another birthday: my dad's this time, we had Mexican food

Yesterday it was my dad's birthday. Yeah, his birthday is just two days after mine. To celebrate we my mum and I met him in central London after he came out of work. We ate out at a Mexican place. I had chilli con carne, it was SO SPICY I felt like my mouth was actually on fire, it was a bit too spicy for me. I usually like spicy stuff but I don't like it when it's too spicy. After we'd eaten we just got the train back home cause it was quite late by then, and when we got home we had birthday cake and watched some TV. I ended up going to bed super late, I don't know how it got so late actually.

I was gonna do something tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with friends, like go ice skating or something, cause on my birthday I didn't get to cause everyone was at school, but I'm not going to in the end because... I've had a REALLY long week and I'm tired after dance lessons, so in the end I'm not doing anything. A friend's coming round tomorrow bu…

My birthday: the London Aquarium, so many fishes

So it was my birthday yesterday. Happy birthday to me! I woke up lateish, opened my presents - a new rucksack, a hoodie and the last book in the Ruby Redford series. I really like that series, I think I started reading it when I was like eleven? And the last book just came out a few months ago. They're really funny, interesting too. After breakfast I mooched around a bit, did some reading, then at around 12ish my parents and I got on the train to central London.

We were going to go the London Zoo, so we went to Camden Town, but we got there at like 1 o'clock and we were already hungry, so we got some lunch at an organic shop and went to Regent's Park to eat. I had a vegetable curry, it was pretty good, but it was SO COLD in the park, my fingers nearly froze. It was quite cool to go to the park though, cause I used to go to Regent's Park a lot when I was like, eight - my mum and I used to meet up with friends there quite often. And we ate near the playground, where I us…

Scrabble fails and upcoming birthdays

Okay, so this is going to be a classic "babble about the first thing that comes to my mind" type of post, cause I want to write a post but I honestly have no idea what to write about. It's not like anything especially interesting happened today. I went round friend's house, like I often do on Sundays. We played some games. I failed spectacularly at Scrabble. I kept getting all consonants and no vowels making it pretty damn difficult to make any coherent words. Yeah. Total fail.

In more cheerful news, it's my birthday this Wednesday! Yay, so excited. Haven't actually planned what I want to do yet, and I really should cause it's in like, three days time, but never mind, I'll come up with something. Probably go for a day out in central London like I did last year. Can't spend it with friends cause they're all in school, sob. Ooh, it would be so great if it snowed! Then I could spend all day out in the snow. Yeah, very grown-up way to spend my fif…

Saturday dance lessons, I've never felt this stretched in my life

It's the weekend again. God, weeks always go by so flipping fast. Went food shopping with my dad in the morning, then had singing and ballet in the afternoon. I've decided I'm not doing the show in March. I just... don't want to. Really don't want to. It's always so tiring cause there's loads of rehearsals, sometimes there are rehearsals pretty much all weekend and I just really don't want to. I don't even enjoy performing that much. Also I've got GCSE exams coming up this spring/summer and I've got lots to study, I can't afford to lose whole weekends doing dance rehearsals. So yeah, no show for me this year.

Singing was alright, still doing the 80s songs from last week. In ballet we did a lot of stretching, I swear I feel more stretched than I've ever felt in my life. We never used to do stretching exercises in ballet before but now we've got a new teacher and she makes us do all this stretching, which is actually quite good bec…

Choc chip cookies and a good book: perfect combination on a cold winter's day

Last night my dad and I made choc chip cookies. It was actually the first time either of us made cookies, and I reckon they turned out all right. Here's a photo of what they looked like:

We made them with gluten-free flour because my mum can't have wheat. I tried one this morning, they tasted all right - though they were quite hard, the recipe said they were meant to be chewy. Also the one I had tasted a bit burnt, but I think that was just cause it was one of the smallest ones.

It snowed again this morning, while I was studying. It gave me an excuse to take a few minutes off my maths (I'm still doing equations) to take this photo of my garden:

You can kinda see the snowflakes falling? I dunno, my phone's camera isn't very good.
But it's pretty much all melted by now, none of the snow that fell this morning actually stayed on the ground for some reason and it's basically gone now in the afternoon. Oh well, it never stays too long.
On a different subject, I&…

It's snowing, I'm so excited, guess I'm a little kid at heart

It's snowing!! I'm so excited, I love snow, it's like my favourite thing. If you're from a country where it snows a lot you're probably wondering what I'm so worked up about but here in London it only snows like once a year, and it never snows much. The last time it REALLY snowed, as in that the snow stayed on the ground for a few days, was 2013, I think? So four years ago. Since then it's only snowed one day a year and it was only around for a few hours before it melted. But it's snowed a LOT now and hopefully it won't melt till tomorrow, I don't know.

I just got back from the supermarket and I had to walk home while the snow was falling and it was so cool! It's so pretty. That said I couldn't feel my fingers by the time I got home, it was so damn freezing.

One thing I love about snow is that everything looks brighter, even at night, cause the snow sort of reflects light? I don't know, it looks like there's more light that's…

Quadratic equations, essays and baby mice

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything here for about three days, but I guess that's just cause my life has been especially dull these past few days and I couldn't think of anything interesting to talk about. I've started studying again, revising what I learnt last year and starting on new topics. For maths, I'm doing quadratic equations. Seriously, do not talk to me about quadratic equations, I am so sick of them, I don't get the point of them or why you have to learn all these different ways of solving them. For English, I'm doing this online course and the bit I'm on right now is about writing to argue, which I find kind of hard because you're given a statement and you have to write an essay on whether you agree or disagree, and most of the time I neither agree nor disagree with it, I have absolutely no views on the matter, I don't know anything about that subject, I don't CARE. So yeah, that has  been my life this week.

In other news,…

First day of singing lessons

Today I went to singing lessons for the first time. It's at the same place where I do ballet, right before my ballet class in fact. We're going to do a show this year, in March, so we started working on the number we'll be doing in the show. We had to sing a medley of songs from like, the 80s, that I'd never heard before in my life, but everyone else in the class knew them so it was kinda embarrassing. How am I meant to know songs from the 80s? I mean I barely know the songs that are famous right now, I don't really keep up with pop culture if I'm honest. God, I felt like such a pariah. I always sort of feel like that when I'm at dance lessons, cause everyone is super into music and I'm like... I like listening to music but I'm not really into it, music isn't my LIFE if you know what I mean. If I hear a song that I like I look it up on youtube and listen to it, but I don't listen to music just cause everyone else does.  Anyway, it was intere…

What I did today, nothing interesting, move along

Quiet day today, I don't have much on now that the holidays are over. I haven't really started studying yet, I guess I'll start next week, so I don't really have all that much to do. At around midday-ish my mum and I went to the library to return a book but when we got there we remembered that the library doesn't open until 2pm on Thursdays, and there was still like half an hour to go until that. So we went for a walk around and into some shops we hadn't been to before to kill some time before the library opened. Seriously, though, how come the library doesn't open until 2pm on certain days? It's so annoying cause I keep forgetting. Then I went for a jog in the afternoon. I'm jogging every day now. I only go around the block, which takes me about two and a half minutes, and I get home so out of breath, oh my days I'm so out of shape, well I'm only just starting to jog so I guess it's normal.

Don't really know what else to talk about,…

Clearing out old stories, what a trip down memory lane

Today I decided to clear out some of my stories and drawings from when I was like, really little, seriously I have no idea why I still have some of that stuff. I've thrown out a bit but there's a lot I really don't want to throw out due to sentimental value, so basically I still have loads of useless pieces of paper I should really get rid of. I've always enjoyed writing stories, since I was really young, and as I said I don't like throwing stuff out so you can imagine how much crap I've still got.

It's kind of weird reading things I wrote when I was just a kid. Sometimes it's downright cringy, especially when it's stuff from when I was really little. The spelling. Oh my god. "Bikini" with a y? Come on, why would you do this to me? And the actual storylines aren't any better.

I found this short story I wrote when I was about six or seven. It's basically about a lady who finds a little girl in a plastic bag, floating out at sea. App…

New year's resolutions

So I've only come up with some new year's resolutions today, I know I know, I probably should have come up with them BEFORE the new year. I wasn't actually going to make resolutions this year as I never actually keep them, but in the end, here they are:

- Travel to new places.
- Make new friends
- Take up jogging
- Write more
- Help around the house more
- Maybe try a sport or something I've never done before.

I probably won't do like half of those things, but never mind. I'll try.

One of my resolutions was actually to start a blog, but I started it before the new year so I guess it doesn't count.

I guess the Christmas holidays are nearly over. My dad's going back to work tomorrow. I'm home schooled, so no going back to school for me, but I AM going to have to go back to studying possibly this week, and I have a LOT to study believe me. I'm taking my English language and Spanish GCSE exams this year in May-June and I still have a lot to learn. P…

Welcome to 2017, so far it's been really rainy

So, it's the new year. Hope it got off to a good start for everyone. I've been really sleepy all today because last night I stayed up until about 1am and this morning I didn't wake up at 11am as predicted, but at around 8.30. I wanted to get some more sleep but my brain was all awake and I couldn't get back to sleep again. My dad made pancakes for breakfast. It's a type of tradition in my family that every year on New Year's Day my dad makes pancakes. We took it easy; I spent most of the morning reading. Then in the afternoon we had to leave cause we'd agreed to meet friends at a cafe. We were going to go for a walk around Greenwich Park and then go to the cafe, which is nearby, but it was absolutely chucking it down with rain so we decided to just straight to the cafe cause no-one wanted to walk.

So that was the first day of the new year for me. To be honest I've spent all day feeling really sleepy because of last night. And the weather's been real…