Another birthday: my dad's this time, we had Mexican food

Yesterday it was my dad's birthday. Yeah, his birthday is just two days after mine. To celebrate we my mum and I met him in central London after he came out of work. We ate out at a Mexican place. I had chilli con carne, it was SO SPICY I felt like my mouth was actually on fire, it was a bit too spicy for me. I usually like spicy stuff but I don't like it when it's too spicy. After we'd eaten we just got the train back home cause it was quite late by then, and when we got home we had birthday cake and watched some TV. I ended up going to bed super late, I don't know how it got so late actually.

I was gonna do something tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with friends, like go ice skating or something, cause on my birthday I didn't get to cause everyone was at school, but I'm not going to in the end because... I've had a REALLY long week and I'm tired after dance lessons, so in the end I'm not doing anything. A friend's coming round tomorrow but that's it.

Today I got to my singing lessons really late cause before that I went to the supermarket with my dad, and on the way home we got stuck in some really bad traffic. Then I still had to have lunch before leaving, so yeah I arrived there like twenty minutes late. It was okay though, our lesson often starts later than it should so I didn't miss all that much.

Right, that's all I can come up with today. See ya.



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