Clearing out old stories, what a trip down memory lane

Today I decided to clear out some of my stories and drawings from when I was like, really little, seriously I have no idea why I still have some of that stuff. I've thrown out a bit but there's a lot I really don't want to throw out due to sentimental value, so basically I still have loads of useless pieces of paper I should really get rid of. I've always enjoyed writing stories, since I was really young, and as I said I don't like throwing stuff out so you can imagine how much crap I've still got.

It's kind of weird reading things I wrote when I was just a kid. Sometimes it's downright cringy, especially when it's stuff from when I was really little. The spelling. Oh my god. "Bikini" with a y? Come on, why would you do this to me? And the actual storylines aren't any better.

I found this short story I wrote when I was about six or seven. It's basically about a lady who finds a little girl in a plastic bag, floating out at sea. Apparently, the girl has been inside the bag and floating around since her parents put her there when she was a baby. The lady takes the girl to shore and decides to adopt her. Um. Yeah. I really don't need to point out the plot flaws there, do I? How the hell did the kid survive for so many years without food? How come the bag "floated around" with the girl inside it and didn't sink to the bottom of the sea? Who the fudge is mean enough to leave a baby in a plastic bag anyway? I guess I'm being too hard on myself, I was seven when I wrote it, but oh my days I had way too much imagination and I really didn't bother with the details.

I've found loads of beginnings of stories, where I wrote the first page or so and then I got bored and moved on to something else. The majority of them are about mermaids and princesses and that sort of thing. My problem was that I was way too impatient to actually work on a story for very long, before long I'd get bored and have another "amazing idea" and I'd start writing that and abandon the previous story. I didn't make plans or anything, I'd just launch off writing without having the foggiest idea what was going to happen next.

I guess I'm still a bit like that. I start writing something but then I get another better idea and I want to start writing that. I'm way more consistent, now, though. I've been working on a long writing project (I don't want to say novel because it's not quite long enough to be a novel, plus it's not actually that great) for about six months and I actually planned out what was going to happen before writing it, so I've been doing quite well. I'm nearly at the end, yay! Don't think I haven't been tempted to stop writing it and start something else about a million times, though. The only reason I'm still working on it is the fact I WANT TO FINISH A BLOODY STORY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, okay now I feel better, thanks for listening to my little outburst.

Wow this has been a long post, I was only going to write a few lines, funny how things work out.




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