First day of singing lessons

Today I went to singing lessons for the first time. It's at the same place where I do ballet, right before my ballet class in fact. We're going to do a show this year, in March, so we started working on the number we'll be doing in the show. We had to sing a medley of songs from like, the 80s, that I'd never heard before in my life, but everyone else in the class knew them so it was kinda embarrassing. How am I meant to know songs from the 80s? I mean I barely know the songs that are famous right now, I don't really keep up with pop culture if I'm honest. God, I felt like such a pariah. I always sort of feel like that when I'm at dance lessons, cause everyone is super into music and I'm like... I like listening to music but I'm not really into it, music isn't my LIFE if you know what I mean. If I hear a song that I like I look it up on youtube and listen to it, but I don't listen to music just cause everyone else does.  Anyway, it was interesting to start singing, cause I haven't really sang before, I think I did some singing lessons when I was like 7 but I don't think that counts. And it was quite fun in the end. Then after that I had ballet. I like my ballet class cause it's really small, there's only like 5 of us in total, and we're all quite friendly with each other (even the teacher, who's really nice) so no-one feels left out. It was the first time I'd been to dance since before the Christmas holidays so I'm going to be so sore tomorrow.

Now I'm super tired and I'm just writing this and listening to music, ironically after I just said I wasn't into music. Life is weird.



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