I had fun doing physics - the world must be about to end

Okay, something happened just now that is completely incredible. I was doing physics. And I actually ENJOYED it. Oh my god, the world must be about to end. I usually hate physics, I'm not into any type of science actually, it's just totally not my thing. Just now I was doing questions on kinematics, stuff like "if so and so goes at this speed and travels this amount of metres how long does it take" and so on and so forth, which usually makes me feel like committing suicide. Once I swear to god I had a mental breakdown while doing physics questions cause I had no idea how to solve ANYTHING. I felt like such an idiot, my brain seemed to have a short-circuit, and by the end I didn't even know how to convert metres to kilometres. But I seem to have gotten the hang of it, and you know? I found it quite fun to figure out the speed of some car and the acceleration of some other train. Life as we know it has changed forever.

I've done quite a lot of studying today, I was really focused, which is odd considering it's Monday (usually on Mondays I am half asleep all day). I finished off the maths topic I was doing - simultaneous equations, it wasn't all that bad, I'm getting the hang of equations as well. For English, I had to write a letter "to advise" which wasn't too terrible. I had to write a letter to a pretend friend who wanted to get a pet dog but was worried that it would be too much hard work, and I had to advise her on what to do. That was the question, anyway. I keep wondering, though, who writes letters these days? No-one even writes emails any more, we talk to our friends by texting or social media. But whatever, I wrote the letter to my "friend" who hadn't realised it's the 21st century yet, and it turned out fine, I think I gave her good advice on the puppy issue.

I'm starting to learn French, too, after about a year of learning German. I fancied a change, and my mum learnt French when she was at school, so she can help me out with grammar and stuff and we might be able to have small conversations in French once I get a bit more fluent. Right now I can barely pronounce any of the words I've learnt, it's all sounds so weird, all those weird vocal sounds, like that one where you have to say "e" while your mouth is in the shape of an "o". Yeah, I have no idea how to explain it properly, never mind.

In other news, I'm getting braces in two days. Don't ask if I'm excited or nervous because I honestly don't know how I feel about it.

I get that this post has been really long and rambling and about subjects you're probably not interested in at all. Hopefully you haven't fallen asleep at your computer.

See you later,



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