It's snowing, I'm so excited, guess I'm a little kid at heart

It's snowing!! I'm so excited, I love snow, it's like my favourite thing. If you're from a country where it snows a lot you're probably wondering what I'm so worked up about but here in London it only snows like once a year, and it never snows much. The last time it REALLY snowed, as in that the snow stayed on the ground for a few days, was 2013, I think? So four years ago. Since then it's only snowed one day a year and it was only around for a few hours before it melted. But it's snowed a LOT now and hopefully it won't melt till tomorrow, I don't know.

I just got back from the supermarket and I had to walk home while the snow was falling and it was so cool! It's so pretty. That said I couldn't feel my fingers by the time I got home, it was so damn freezing.

One thing I love about snow is that everything looks brighter, even at night, cause the snow sort of reflects light? I don't know, it looks like there's more light that's all.

This reminds me of when I was younger and I used to go sledging with my dad to the park whenever it snowed and I'd have so much fun. I guess that's the reason I feel so excited whenever it snows, cause when I was little snow meant LOADS OF FUN and it's a sort of instinct to feel excited. Guess I'm still a little kid at heart, heh.

Well I'm off.



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