Long day - I had karate and dance and I got attacked by hailstones

This morning I had to wake up early to go to a special karate class. It wasn't that early, it was like eight am, which isn't so bad on a weekday, but on a SATURDAY! I like waking up late on Saturdays. The class was alright, but we got taught so many things I'd never done or seen or even heard of that by the end I was so confused. And there were so many people, we could barely fit. I like my class on Tuesdays, there's only like 5 of us or something, it's way more relaxed.

And after the class was over I had to rush home and have lunch, because then I had to go to my singing and ballet lessons in the afternoon. We're learning a new song in singing, that will also be done in the show. And my ballet teacher was away today, so we had a cover teacher, she was alright. Then when I was making my way home with my dad it started raining really heavily and we didn't have an umbrella, so we basically ended up running home. It started hailing when we were nearly home, we started getting hit by tiny hailstones, it HURT. And basically thirty seconds after we'd gotten inside the house, it stopped. Why does that always happen?

I'm so tiiiirrreeeeeeeeeddd right now, I've had such a long day, I just wanna go to sleep, I'd fall asleep on top of my laptop right now seriously if it wasn't really uncomfortable.



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