My birthday: the London Aquarium, so many fishes

So it was my birthday yesterday. Happy birthday to me! I woke up lateish, opened my presents - a new rucksack, a hoodie and the last book in the Ruby Redford series. I really like that series, I think I started reading it when I was like eleven? And the last book just came out a few months ago. They're really funny, interesting too. After breakfast I mooched around a bit, did some reading, then at around 12ish my parents and I got on the train to central London.

We were going to go the London Zoo, so we went to Camden Town, but we got there at like 1 o'clock and we were already hungry, so we got some lunch at an organic shop and went to Regent's Park to eat. I had a vegetable curry, it was pretty good, but it was SO COLD in the park, my fingers nearly froze. It was quite cool to go to the park though, cause I used to go to Regent's Park a lot when I was like, eight - my mum and I used to meet up with friends there quite often. And we ate near the playground, where I used to play with my friend. Anyway we went for a walk around the park and then we went to the zoo, but by then it was past 3 o'clock and it was closed. So after wondering what the hell we were going to do instead, we got on the Tube again and went to the Aquarium.

Before going into the aquarium I took this photo of the sun setting behind the Big Ben:

The aquarium was pretty cool, some of the fish were really beautiful. It's really relaxing to see so much water. There was a kind of background music that added to the atmosphere, at first, but after around ten minutes of the same tinny music I started thinking that it was completely unnecessary.

I took lots of pictures: 

I wonder if it's fun to be a fish? All that swimming and floating around, it must be relaxing. On the other hand it must get kind of boring after a while.

I liked the jellyfish - they were lit by this light that kept changing colours, it gave a really nice effect: 

There were also these really cute turtles, I didn't take any pictures of them though. They would go up onto a rock then jump into the water. And some of them were just lying there on the rocks, I think they thought that the electric light was the sun and they were trying to sunbathe. 

I also saw a crocodile (alligator?) but it was just lying there sleeping like the dead, so not very interesting. The penguins had their lights switched off because it was their natural sleeping time or something so I didn't really get to see them. 

When we'd seen everything we got on the train back home. We'd walked around so much, my feet were in actual agony, and we couldn't sit down on the train because it was 6pm at it was packed with commuters going home. When we got to our station we bought Chinese food at the local Chinese restaurant. I love Chinese food, but I don't have it very often because we don't eat out that much. 

When we got home I spent a while sitting on the sofa, I was SO glad to rest my feet after everything we'd walked. And then we ate the food we'd just gotten, I had spring rolls and duck with orange sauce it was SO GOOD. The only problem was that I was so hungry and the food was so nice, and I ate so fast at first I almost made myself sick. I had to wait a couple of minutes for my stomach to settle before I could keep eating. 

Then I had my birthday cake, blew my candles, made my wish, all of that. My dad made my cake, like he does most years. This year it was basically a huge brownie, it was delicious. I also got called by my grandparents, like every year on my birthday. Talking to them is always kind of... awkward... I never know what to say to them. It wasn't so bad, though, I had a nice chat with my grandma, I told her about my day at the aquarium and she told me about when she used to have fish as pets. I also tried to persuade her to get a smartphone so she could use Whatsapp to keep in touch with friends and family, I don't think it's going to happen though, heh. 

Then I watched some TV and went straight to bed - collapsed into bed would be more accurate, actually - I was so tired and I had to wake up early this morning. 

So yeah, that was my birthday. Hope you've  enjoyed this super-long blog post. 



  1. Happy belated birthday
    Sounds like a good day to me! I believe that your feet must have been killing you. I really like your blog,it reflects a simple and calm life.


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