My views on "normal teenage girl stuff", i.e. the reason I have no social life

Trends: why should I do something or wear something just because everyone else does?

Clothes: are something you wear to keep warm.

Shoes: you wear them on your feet. They should be as comfortable as possible.

Hair: you should brush it from time to time, I'm not saying you shouldn't, but apart from that what's the big deal?

Make-up: is worn by people with no self-esteem.

Weight: unless your weight is causing you health problems why would you worry about it?

Shopping: is the most boring thing in existence.

Celebrities: are just normal people with normal lives, what they do is of no importance to me.

Boys: are just normal people, why should I behave any different around them than around other girls?

Romantic books/movies: make me wanna puke.

Selfies: it's okay to take one from time to time, but why would you take hundreds of them every day? What's so interesting about your face anyways?

Social media: why do people my age want to live on their phones? What's so bad about real life?

Self-esteem: I think I'm awesome, why should I care what anyone else thinks

Sorry about this barely-coherent post, but hey, I never made any promises this blog would make sense all the way through.



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