New year's resolutions

So I've only come up with some new year's resolutions today, I know I know, I probably should have come up with them BEFORE the new year. I wasn't actually going to make resolutions this year as I never actually keep them, but in the end, here they are:

- Travel to new places.
- Make new friends
- Take up jogging
- Write more
- Help around the house more
- Maybe try a sport or something I've never done before.

I probably won't do like half of those things, but never mind. I'll try.

One of my resolutions was actually to start a blog, but I started it before the new year so I guess it doesn't count.

I guess the Christmas holidays are nearly over. My dad's going back to work tomorrow. I'm home schooled, so no going back to school for me, but I AM going to have to go back to studying possibly this week, and I have a LOT to study believe me. I'm taking my English language and Spanish GCSE exams this year in May-June and I still have a lot to learn. Plus I'm taking my Maths exam the following year and there is so much I still have to study, and I'm REALLY bad at maths. At least I've had a pretty relaxing Christmas so now I'm relaxed and I can go back to studying hard.

My parents and I are going to go shopping now, actually to get some jogging stuff so I can fulfil that particular resolution.




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