Saturday dance lessons, I've never felt this stretched in my life

It's the weekend again. God, weeks always go by so flipping fast. Went food shopping with my dad in the morning, then had singing and ballet in the afternoon. I've decided I'm not doing the show in March. I just... don't want to. Really don't want to. It's always so tiring cause there's loads of rehearsals, sometimes there are rehearsals pretty much all weekend and I just really don't want to. I don't even enjoy performing that much. Also I've got GCSE exams coming up this spring/summer and I've got lots to study, I can't afford to lose whole weekends doing dance rehearsals. So yeah, no show for me this year.

Singing was alright, still doing the 80s songs from last week. In ballet we did a lot of stretching, I swear I feel more stretched than I've ever felt in my life. We never used to do stretching exercises in ballet before but now we've got a new teacher and she makes us do all this stretching, which is actually quite good because I'm not particularly flexible and as you go up the grades you have to be more flexible to do certain things. So yeah. That was today.

I don't know what else to write about so I guess that's it for today.



  1. wow u write a lot !!I wish I had that much spare time.Your blogs so funny to read though:)


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