Scrabble fails and upcoming birthdays

Okay, so this is going to be a classic "babble about the first thing that comes to my mind" type of post, cause I want to write a post but I honestly have no idea what to write about. It's not like anything especially interesting happened today. I went round friend's house, like I often do on Sundays. We played some games. I failed spectacularly at Scrabble. I kept getting all consonants and no vowels making it pretty damn difficult to make any coherent words. Yeah. Total fail.

In more cheerful news, it's my birthday this Wednesday! Yay, so excited. Haven't actually planned what I want to do yet, and I really should cause it's in like, three days time, but never mind, I'll come up with something. Probably go for a day out in central London like I did last year. Can't spend it with friends cause they're all in school, sob. Ooh, it would be so great if it snowed! Then I could spend all day out in the snow. Yeah, very grown-up way to spend my fifteenth birthday, playing in the snow like a 6-year-old, oh well. It's also my dad's birthday two days after mine and I think on his birthday we'll eat out and maybe go to the cinema.

I'm hungry, my dad's making cottage pie and whenever my dad cooks he always takes AGES, I don't know how it happens, my mum and dad can make the same meal and my dad would take twice as long as my mum would to cook it. It'll be ready soon, I guess.

Does anyone actually read this blog? Cause looking through it I can't imagine why anyone would actually be interested in reading it. I don't write about anything that could be interesting to anyone. I just blog cause it's fun to complain about everything that went wrong in my day.

See y'all later.



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