What I did today, nothing interesting, move along

Quiet day today, I don't have much on now that the holidays are over. I haven't really started studying yet, I guess I'll start next week, so I don't really have all that much to do. At around midday-ish my mum and I went to the library to return a book but when we got there we remembered that the library doesn't open until 2pm on Thursdays, and there was still like half an hour to go until that. So we went for a walk around and into some shops we hadn't been to before to kill some time before the library opened. Seriously, though, how come the library doesn't open until 2pm on certain days? It's so annoying cause I keep forgetting. Then I went for a jog in the afternoon. I'm jogging every day now. I only go around the block, which takes me about two and a half minutes, and I get home so out of breath, oh my days I'm so out of shape, well I'm only just starting to jog so I guess it's normal.

Don't really know what else to talk about, I guess I'll just leave it for today.



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