A couple of book reviews

When I first started this blog I thought I might write some book reviews on it, as I read a lot, but here we are over a month later and I haven't published a single review. So why not do that now? I've recently finished reading Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie and I'm gonna have a go at writing a mini-review on it.

Warning: contains some spoilers! If you haven't read this and think you might at some point, you might not want to read the writing that's in blue

I really enjoyed reading it, it was very fast-paced and intriguing, which is exactly the type of book I like. I swear I finished it in about three days. It's about a girl, Lauren, who finds out she might have been stolen from her family when she was three. Since the agency that handled her adoption is in America, she plans a holiday there, then runs away from her family with her best friend Jam to try and find out what really happened when she was adopted. She discovers that she was stolen from her family when she was little, and tries to find her real family, but the people who stole her aren't happy that she knows the truth and try to keep her quiet, i.e. kill her. 

To be honest - this is just my opinion - I don't find it very believable that a fourteen-year-old would do something as risky and daring as run away in a country that she doesn't even know. I also struggled to connect with her - I don't really understand why it's so important to her to find her real family - surely the family that raised her is her real family, even if she's not related to them? But hey, I'm not adopted so I can't really judge.

But overall I thought it was a very interesting book, lots of action, lots of intrigue, lots of drama. As I said, I read it in about three days. I'd recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it yet.

Also, I usually HATE it when there's romance in adventure books - it feels like the romantic bits are in the way of the really important stuff. But in Girl, Missing the romance between Lauren and Jam is quite nice, it adds something to the story rather than being in the way. 

Well, that's it for my review! Whew, it wasn't really so bad was it?

Since I'm on a roll here I might as well write another mini review, on the Ruby Redfort series this time. I'm reading the last book in that series at the moment. It's a series that I've loved since I first discovered it when I was about eleven, and even though it's aimed at younger kids (8-12 year olds) I still love it.

Thirteen-year-old Ruby is adventure-loving and a super genius, and she gets recruited by a secret agency called Spectrum 8, to be a code cracker. She's not meant to work on the cases, just crack codes, but of course she tries to solve the cases and get into adventures, even when she's been explicitly told not to. The books are really interesting, and one thing I like is that everything comes together at the end of each book - I hate loose ends. As well as being intriguing, they're also quite funny - some of the dialogues between the characters have you laughing out loud.

The books also focus quite a lot on Ruby's relationships with her parents, her housekeeper, and her school friends, especially her best friend, Clancy. It's set in the 70s, in an American town called Twinford. Oh, and a major selling point for me - no romantic-y bits, AT ALL.

If you haven't read the series yet I really recommend that you do, it's really great.

Well, that's it from me and my reviews.



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