A freak-out over writers' block and a farewell to Club Penguin

I've got writers' block, I've got writers' block, I'VE GOT BLOODY WRITERS' BLOCK.

I just tried to write an opening to a story I've got in my mind, but hell I can't write anything that isn't TOTALLY LAME. I haven't even got the story completely sorted out, I've only got the beginning, but I figured I'd write the opening because sometimes I write the beginning to a story and then I sort of figure out the rest. No joy. I am completely and utterly blocked. AARGH it's so damn frustrating!

So I came over here, to my trusty blog, to rant about it, because that's what I do when I need a good old rant.

To be honest I'm not quite sure what to blog about either. It's like I've got this total brain freeze. I must be tired or something, but I don't know why cause I've been sleeping alright lately.

Oh, I recently found out that Club Penguin is going to close down. Sob, so upset, I mean I don't play it anymore but it has been a HUGE part of my childhood. I discovered Club Penguin when I was about nine? My best friend at the time introduced me to it. I was completely obsessed, I would log on pretty much every day. I was totally crazy about puffles, the little pets you can adopt in the game. I made these when I was about eleven:

Handmade by yours truly. I started something called "Puffles Ltd" and basically I made puffles like these for all my friends and family.

I wrote poems about puffles, stories about them, drew pictures, I started my own Puffle Magazine. I memorised the different personality traits of each colour puffle (each puffle had a different personality and liked doing different activities, btw) and bored my parents out of their minds by talking about puffles literally non-stop. I even wrote an exam about puffles once and forced my parents to take it. I was a weird child.

Pretty much everything I had was Club Penguin-themed, from pencil cases to bags. I saved up my pocket money to buy one-month membership gift cards, and to buy the Club Penguin magazine which came out every month.

I haven't played the game for about a couple of years now but I still logged on every few months or so, to see what was new in the game and it just upsets me a little to think that soon it's going to be gone. As you've probably gathered my now it was a great big part of my life when I was a kid. A lot of my friends also played it when they were younger, and my nine-year-old cousin still plays it, at least that I know of.

So yeah, goodbye, Club Penguin. Thank you for being part of my life.

Oh jesus, I'm getting emotional. Okay, this post is over, right now!



  1. I was that weird as a child too! I used to be so obsessed with Sylvanian families and I would lime them all up, take registers, make up dance routines for them, make couples and weddings, I would treat them as humans and I didn't get bored for about 6 years of my life

    1. Omg that totally sounds like something I'd do. I was obsessed with dolls until I was about 10 and same I'd treat them like real people!


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