Braces, celebrities and weird premonition dreams: my teeth hurt, bear with me while I rant

So, I got braces done yesterday. One word: owwww... My teeth hurt so much right now. It didn't actually hurt while I was getting them done and for the first few hours, it felt strange to have things in my mouth but it wasn't too bad. But in the evening my teeth started hurting so bad. It's actually a bit better now, but last night and this morning it really hurt. I actually had to take painkillers last night, and I NEVER take painkillers, I guess I'm just lucky I never need them. The metal bits keep rubbing against my cheeks and tongue too, luckily I have this wax thing to put over the bits that are hurting me, though it's really difficult to use, especially on my back teeth, which are the worst. Oh well, I guess I'll get used to wearing them soon and then I won't have toothache any more and I won't have to use the wax thing either. Just hope that's sooner rather than later.

Okay, enough about me bellyaching about my teeth. Let's talk about some positive aspect of my life right now... like... hmm... I don't know.

Well, my mum had an appointment with the hairdresser this afternoon, and I went with her cause I didn't wanna be alone at home. I just sat around at the hairdressers' while she got her hair cut. I looked through the gossip and fashion magazines there, not like I'm interested in any of that stuff, but I find it fun to look through that type of magazine. I never know who any of the people in the magazine actually are but their lives sure are fun to read about.

One thing I notice whenever I read those gossip magazines are the children's names. I mean, just because you're famous do you have to call your kids these really weird names? I can't call any of them to mind right now but most celebrities' kids have these really odd names. I understand that you'd want to call your kid something special and unique but I mean, there are loads of nice names that don't make people go "whaat?" when you say it out loud.

To be honest, I feel sorry for celebrities' kids, and not just cause of the names. I mean, imagine the whole world knowing about your parents' personal lives. Say your parents split up or something, which must be traumatic for any kid, but imagine complete strangers reading about it in magazines. It must make it even worse. And your parents have loads of money and everything and I bet they get to go on expensive holidays and live in huge houses, but I'll bet they don't get to spend much time with their parents, they must get looked after by nannies and what have you. So yeah, I wouldn't want my parents to be famous, is basically what I'm saying.

I was going to talk about something more cheerful but I just ended up ranting again, heh. Guess I need a good rant after today and yesterday.

Well something that's good in my life is that I'm finally getting to watch the ninth season of NCIS! So I haven't mentioned it here I don't think but I have a mild obsession with that series, I love the mix of action and humour and drama. And basically there's this channel that does re-runs of NCIS like every single evening, but they usually do seasons one through to eight, and then they start with season one again. So I never got the chance to watch season nine. I watched season ten last year when it premiered or something (I think they're on like season fourteen now though?) but season nine was like... non-existent. But I was flicking through the channels the other day and I found that season nine was on! I was so excited. Yeah, I get excited over a TV show. My life is sad like that.

Oh, oh, oh! This reminds me of something really weird that happened! I basically predicted the future in a dream, I had some sort of premonition? It was really weird.

Okay so what happened was I had this dream, right, where I went into my local library looking for a book to take out, and I saw this book that had something to do with NCIS, I dunno what exactly but it had something to do with the show. So I picked the book up and I opened it to read but I found that the writing was tiny, I couldn't read it, it was too small. So I got a bit disappointed cause I would have liked to read it but couldn't. I think I woke up then, actually.

And last night, I was feeling miserable cause of my teeth, so I asked my mum if she could read something out loud to me, cause that always makes me feel better. She went to look for a book we could read together and she picked out one that, she said, I'd probably like cause it was a little similar to NCIS  in that it has something to do with the FBI and marines, and yeah it was similar to some of the stuff I watch on TV. So I said yeah, that sounds good, and I took the book and I opened it to read the first page, and I found that the writing was absolutely minuscule, super tiny.

I didn't think of it at the time, but while I was trying to fall asleep but couldn't cause my teeth hurt, it occurred to me that I basically dreamed about that book before actually seeing it. I mean, it's probably just coincidence, but... creepy, right?

It would be cool if that happened again and next time I'd dream about next week's lottery numbers or something. That would be so much more useful than some random book.

Whoa, I wrote a lot. Writing's making me feel better, takes my mind off my toothache. That's it for today, though.



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