Family trees

Okay so I've just spent half the afternoon messing around on this website called Genoom. It's basically a family tree website where you can make your own family tree and keep in touch with members of your family and all that. My granddad made his family tree a few years ago, apparently he did some research and found out the names and dates of birth of relatives of ours from like, the 19th century, as well as finding distant relatives who are still alive. And I've been snooping around the profiles of super distant relatives to me. AND JEEZ THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE!! Jesus I have about 500 relatives that I'd NEVER heard of before. Sorry this post sounds kinda hysterical but I just got really... excited! I had no idea my family was so extended! I guess everyone's family is this extended, I don't know? There are some relatives who are around my age and I'm debating whether to send them a message to say hi? But what would I say to them? And you can see on a map where the different people live and while the majority of them live in Spain (my family's from Spain, by the way, I'm not sure if I mentioned?) there's a few of them who live in Argentina, I have family in Argentina and I DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE! I asked my dad about it and apparently his granddad's cousin or something along those lines moved to Buenos Aires, like, ages ago, and his family live there now.

Anyway sorry about this hysterical mess of a blog post but I had to let off some steam. I'm calmer now.

Something else I wanted to say before I go offline for the day - please don't stalk my blog. If you're following my blog and you like what I write drop me a comment saying so, don't be shy, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!



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