Housework, teachers gone MIA, book series and rebellious braces

This morning I was looking forward to mooching around doing nothing until I had to go to dance lessons in the afternoon... no such luck. My mum saw I wasn't doing anything and made me do the dusting around the house. I don't mind helping, but it just wasn't the Saturday morning I had in mind. So anyway I did the dusting in the living room and the dining room, and jeez... the sheer amount of DUST... there's a shelf in our living room that holds all my dad's music CDs from years ago, and it looked like no-one had dusted the top of it in decades. There was literally a layer of dust a centimetre thick. I was about to take the feather duster to it, then realised what a terrible idea that would be, and used the dust rag instead. Phew, that could have ended really badly. Everything else was more or less fine, my parents do the dusting regularly, it was just the top of that shelf that no-one had touched in years. What IS dust anyway? (It's like dead skin cells or something? Whatever, I don't actually care.) And why is there so MUCH of it? I dusted my bedside table YESTERDAY and it's already all dusty! My bedside table is black so dust shows up a lot more than on something that's a lighter colour, I guess.

Now I'm older my mum is always nagging me I have to do more housework. And I DO, I swear I do. I do the washing up and I lay the table and I help clear it. It's just that sometimes I forget. Say I'm really caught up doing something, like reading, or writing a blog post, and I forget I was meant to be laying the table for dinner, or whatever. That happens a lot, unfortunately. I don't MEAN to forget, but I think my mum thinks that I don't help on purpose - she's always complaining she has to do everything around the house. I try and explain that it's not my fault I'm a scatterbrain who lives in her own little world and keeps losing track of what's going on around her, but it just sounds like I'm making excuses for not helping... does this make me sound like a bad person? Does anyone else feel like this?

So anyway, after I finished dusting and doing my duty as a Good Girl, I realised it was past one o'clock and I had to leave the house in half an hour, and I hadn't had lunch yet, and I freaked out. I wasn't late to my singing lessons, thank God, I hate being late to anything but somehow I am ALWAYS late, I dunno how I do it. Singing was okay, we were taught a simple routine to do while we sang, for the show that I'm not going to be in. In ballet, our usual ballet teacher has gone MIA: we got a cover teacher around three weeks ago, and our usual teacher hasn't come back yet, and we don't know where she's gone. The cover teacher we've got is quite nice, she's young, still in college, I guess she's studying to be a ballet teacher and she's practising teaching with our class. It'd be nice if we knew where our usual teacher is though.

Yesterday I met up with a friend at a cafe, I hadn't seen her in ages and it was SO GOOD to see her again. We went for a walk around our area and hung out at the park a bit, then came home and played a card game and Mastermind. Mastermind, if you don't know, is a game where one player makes up a colour code and the other player has to crack it - it's a really cool game, you really have to use your logic. My dad bought it when he was about fourteen, and we've still got it, so it's about forty years old now - the box is literally falling apart. Oh, and I hadn't met my friend since before my birthday, so she gave me a birthday present - she got me about a gazillion books, well not a gazillion, but two whole series. TWO WHOLE SERIES! Oh my god, she totally didn't have to. Usually when I buy someone a book, I buy the first book in the series, and then if they like it, I buy them the next book, or they just read the rest of the series from the library... I don't get them the whole thing. The books she got me are "The Murder Notebooks" series by Anne Cassidy, which is four books, and the "Legend" trilogy, by Marie Lu. They all look so good - one looks like it's a mystery story, and the other is like dystopian. I can't wait to read them, I will once I finish the book I'm reading at the moment - I'm reading Sister, Missing, the sequel to Girl, Missing, which I read a few weeks ago and reviewed on this blog. Hmm... maybe I can make a book review of the sequel too? And I'll review the books my friend got me when I read them.

In other news, my braces have decided to rebel against me. This morning I realised that one of the little bands holding the wire to the metal bit has disappeared - I have no idea when it came off. Some of the other bands also look like they're about to come off. If you've never worn braces before you probably don't know what I'm talking about, but never mind - if you've never worn braces you're lucky. So anyways I'm going to have to go to the orthodontist's on Monday to get my braces right again. Like I didn't have better things to do...

And that's the end of this very long, rambly post.

Stay awesome!



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