Just a quick post

Don't have a lot of time today but I wanna post something so this will be a quickie.

Remember how I said a few posts ago that the weather was really good here in London and maybe spring was on its way early? Well, I was wrong. VERY wrong. On Thursday it was really, really windy. I had to go out to the supermarket and I felt like I was going to be blown away. Some branches snapped off trees near where I live - it was kinda scary walking past trees, what if a huge branch falls on my head? On Friday the wind had almost completely gone but it was SO COLD. I thought it was going to be milder and I went out without my coat, I just wore a jacket... brr. It's a miracle I didn't catch a cold.

Today I had ballet, but not singing; my class was cancelled because of rehearsals for the upcoming show. We normally get an email when there's going to be class changes, but no-one told us anything, so I showed up for my singing lesson two o'clock and there was just nobody there. I had to wait around for an hour until my ballet class started, which luckily was on as normal. I was so annoyed no-one had told me my class was cancelled because I was rushing to get there on time, and then I got there and there was no class. Argh.

That's all I've got time for today I'm afraid.

Stay awesome,



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