Love is in the air (or maybe it's not, I wouldn't know)

So since it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought it was only fitting that I should make today's post about romance.


Yeah, that is the sound of everyone who has ever met me passing out cold at hearing me say the word "romance".

I am simply the least romantic person you will ever meet in your life, I am absolutely not interested in dating or whatever, I've never been in a relationship in my life and I've never WANTED to be in a relationship. I've never been in love or had a crush on anyone. 

When I was younger that was normal, but now I'm fifteen it feels like EVERYONE is going out with someone or at least has gone out with someone in the past. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I feel bad because of that. But sometimes it just irritates me that pretty much every single teenager in the world seems to be obsessed with dating, while I'm totally not interested.

The reason I've never dated before is simply... I've never met anyone who I like in that way. I haven't even figured out what type of person I like (trust me, that is a very messy subject I really don't want to discuss here). And I'm sure as hell not going to date someone just because "everyone else is dating someone" and not because I really like them. That is just the dumbest thing ever in my opinion, and it's dishonest too.  

Something I want to complain about (I always have to complain about something, don't I?) is that just about every single young adult novel seems to include romance in some way - which in some books gives the story a nice touch, but sometimes it just makes me go - jeez is that all you people think about? The world is about to end and you're worrying about whether some guy likes you? Jeez! Stop being a wimp and get on with whatever you're meant to be doing! 

One thing I don't understand about liking someone is... if you like someone, why don't you tell them? I mean be subtle about it, don't just go up to someone and go "I LOVE YOU!" that would just be embarrassing but I don't know, let them know you're interested in them in some way? Rather than just sit around wishing you could talk to them. 

I honestly don't believe in love at first sight. I mean, okay. You can meet someone and go, "Ooh, he/she's cute/pretty/handsome/whatever !" But I don't reckon that's love. You're just attracted by the way they look. I think you fall in love with someone after you've known them for a while, and you're friends with them, and you know them really well, and then you realise you're in love with them because of their personality, not just because they look nice. That's REAL love... but then again, like I said before, I have zero experience on the subject, so who am I to judge?

I know that at some point in my life I will meet someone who I have feelings for and want to go out with, but whether that happens next week or in five years really doesn't bother me. I'm in no rush to get into that part of life.

Wow this has been a very serious and philosophical blog post, I wasn't intending it to be like this, heh. Anyway that's it from me for today.



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