Game review: NCIS Hidden Crimes

You know how on Sunday, we were going to go out and do something really fun for mothers' day...? Well, we didn't in the end, because my mum was feeling ill. So we stayed at home, doing things around the house and stuff. So I was just sitting on the sofa, feeling slightly miserable because I was stuck at home with nothing much to do, and I went on my phone, onto the Play Store... and I found something amazing... a game that has to do with the TV show NCIS! Now I know I don't have to go into detail about how much I love this show because I've already enthused about it in other posts, but I'll just say that it's one of my all-time favourites. So a game where you have to solve cases alongside the NCIS crew?? *squeeeeeaaaal* THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE! ... I realise I'm starting to sound like some sort of deranged fangirl, but whatever, my finger was on that install button faster than you could say "autopsy".

So in this post I'm going to attempt to review the game. Of course, knowing me, this is likely to end up just being a ramble about the game and not an actual proper review, but let's just get on with it.

So, welcome to NCIS: Hidden Crimes!

I have to say, the characters all really look like they do in the show. Except DiNozzo. In what universe is that Dinozzo, jeez.

Oh, this is what I look like in the game:

Do I look awesome or what

Anyway! The objective of the game is to solve cases and pass "episodes". I (or rather, the kickass NCIS agent version of me) just finished episode 2. There's like, 24 episodes in total, so I guess I'm going to be playing this game a while. I can't start episode 3 yet, though, because two days have to go by between finishing one episode and starting the next, which is a gigantic pain because I really, really want to start the next case. I sped it up by using a "report" thing, but I still have to wait until this evening before the episode unlocks.

Here's a screenshot I took yesterday:

Must. Find out. Who. The criminal is.

To perform certain actions (like you can see in the screenshot above) you have to pay coins. And I keep running out of coins. The only way to earn coins is by completing "scenes", where you have to find certain objects, like this: 


Oh boy, I'm so, so bad at these. I CAN NEVER FIND THE OBJECTS. I just totally suck at it. Still, I get paid coins, so it's not all bad, eh? Sometimes you have to pass scenes to find evidence for the cases, or you can just play freely to earn coins. I once found a dead body while doing a scene, I was like.... oh jeeeez...

You can get members of the NCIS crew to "help" you with scenes. All they really do is give you extra energy. And the majority of them are still locked for me. Apparently I have to invite Facebook friends to play the game to unlock them? Yeah right, I REFUSE TO CONNECT MY GAME TO FACEBOOK, I'm not even really sure why, I'm just damn stubborn like that. 

The only character I'm allowed to get "help" from is Bishop. I'm not really sure why to be honest. Maybe she's just best mates with my character or something. 

Thanks for the help, you're my bff

Moving on! In addition to episodes and scenes, you also have "MTAC missions". I don't really get the point of these, but you use "mission orders" (which you also earn by playing scenes) to go on "missions" and collect rewards like coins, energy, power-ups and reports. You can then use these reports to speed up the time between one episode and the next. (I played about a million of these yesterday evening, used up all my mission orders, but I only managed to get one report, gosh darn it.)

You also have "challenges". These are basically scenes, only with an added challenge, i.e. with a time limit, or the scene is back to front, or... well, these are the only ones I've come across so far, I've only done like four of these. Did I say I was bad at scenes? WELL I AM ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH AT CHALLENGES. Urgh I fail so badly. 

Hey, look, it's my new bff Bishop again. 

So! That's almost it for my "review". I guess I should finish off with what I think of the game overall.

Well... I'm not sure what to say. I mean, if you're not an NCIS fan, this is possibly the most boring game ever. You don't really do all that much on it, and it's pretty repetitive; just passing scenes over and over to earn coins. Also, you need energy to pass scenes, and coins to be able to play episodes, so if you run out of both coins and energy, there's nothing much you can do except wait for your energy to fill up again, which takes about a couple of hours. It's not the most interesting game ever.

But if you're an NCIS fan like me, this game is really, really cool because you get to pretend to be an NCIS agent and solve cases, yaaay. I'm so, so hooked on this game at the moment, heh. 

So if you're a fan of the show, definitely check it out; if you're not, don't even bother. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this...?

Stay awesome,

- Special Agent IndigoSky


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