I wanna go to sleeep

Hey guys. What's up. Urgh. I'm really, really tired. I haven't been sleeping well. Last night it took me like four hours to get to sleep. Like what is wrong with me, jeez. I just took a super-long nap, which is really odd for me since I don't  usually sleep during the day. Sometimes if I'm really tired I lie down and close my eyes for a bit but today I lay down and instantly started snoring.Wait. What's the past tense of "lie". It's lay, right. Or is it lied. Layed? No that doesn't exist. Agh. I wanna go back to sleeeep. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....

I don't even know why I started writing this post. I have absolutely nothing to write about. Hmm. Guess I'll find something to say.

Well recently I've gotten really addicted to two games. I don't usually play many games because *puts on superior voice* I'm too old for sort of childish thing. But a few days ago I downloaded a couple of games onto my phone. The first is called Block. It's so, so addictive. It's basically a puzzles game. Download it and check it out, I recommend it. How the heck do you spell recommend? One c, two ms, right. I actually didn't know for a few seconds.

The other game is a solitaire game. Well I've discovered something since I started playing it; I really, really suck at solitaire. I lose around 90% of the games I start. But I'm still super addicted to it. It feels so good when I win. Like, yesss I am the champion. Woohoo.

My cat just came into my room, meowing at me. Aww she started purring when I stroked her. Cutie. Oh, now she's left. Bye. Um. That was random.

This morning my dad and I played badminton. Or tried, at least. It was SO WINDY. We spent around 80% of the time going to pick up the shuttlecock from where it had been blown away by the wind. It was fun, though, if really tiring.

My dad just came in to say dinner's ready in ten minutes. So I guess I've gotta go.

Well this post has been a waste of time. I'll post again when I'm feeling less sleepy and able to write something coherent.

Bye guys.



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