Movie review: "The Karate Kid"

Since I started doing karate a few months ago, I'd really wanted to watch The Karate Kid movie. So a couple of weeks ago my mum and I bought it off Amazon, it only cost a couple of pounds. We got the 1984 one, it was one of my mum's favourite movies when she was about sixteen. Apparently she had a crush on the main character or something. Sigh. To be young and in love. Anyway, we watched it last Sunday but I couldn't be bothered didn't have time to review it until now. I guess this will be my first movie review? Well, it can't be too different to reviewing a book can it?

So... The Karate Kid is... about a kid... who learns karate. OH MY GOSH I BET YOU TOTALLY COULDN'T GUESS THAT FROM THE TITLE RIGHT?? Okay, seriously now. It's about this teenager, called Daniel, who moves from New Jersey to California. And at his new school there are some very mean guys who do karate and keep beating poor Daniel up. So Daniel decides he has to take karate classes (he already did karate in the past, but I dunno, he seemed to have forgotten everything he learnt from the way he kept getting punched in the face) but when he goes to the local dojo he finds the aforementioned mean guys taking lessons there, so, like, nuh-uh, no way. So he ends up taking karate lessons from the guy who fixes things at his apartment block, Mr Miyagi (probably spelled that wrong, heh), who also turns out to be a karate master. Mr Miyagi teaches karate in a slightly unorthodox way. It involves a lot of waxing cars and painting fences. I dunno, I do karate and I've never had to paint a fence. But whatever, it works, because Daniel ends up being pretty good at karate, and he goes on to participate in a karate competition. Okay... I have a confession to make. I don't remember exactly why Daniel had to take part in the competition. I must have momentarily stopped paying attention at the bit when it was explained. But never mind, the deal is that Daniel ends up winning, despite the fact that his leg was broken or something. He could have pulled out but he kept on going because he wanted to show the mean guys what he was made of, or something along those lines.

My opinion: it was good. It wasn't amazing, but it was good. The story was pretty simple: kid gets in trouble with other kids, kid learns to defend himself against aforementioned other kids, kid ends up winning a competition. Not many twists or anything, but that's fine. It was a bit different to modern films - I dunno how exactly, but older movies are somehow different to movies made nowadays? This one's from the eighties, and sometimes you could totally tell: oh my god, some of the costumes. Did they actually think those looks were cool...? And no mobile phones, of course. But it was interesting to watch the kind of flick my mum watched when she was about my age.

At first, I wasn't really keen on Daniel's character. He seemed a bit... I don't know, cocky. I mean, if he hadn't gotten into a fight with those guys at the beach right at the beginning, he would have saved himself a whole load of trouble. And at one point when he was playing football and one guy purposefully tripped him up, he went and punched him. Like, what the heck dude. If someone trips you up, you complain to the referee, you don't hit them. But I warmed to him as the film went on. He's pretty cool, really.

I felt that the ending was a bit sudden? I mean, he won the competition, everyone was cheering and everything, and that was it, the end. We weren't told whether the mean guys left him alone after that. I'm just saying, it would have been nice to have a sort of "epilogue", i.e. what happened next.

The interactions between the characters were really good. Mr Miyagi is so, so funny. He's just... really cool. Like, seriously. When he was trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. And just the way he talks is funny.

So it wasn't the best film I've ever watched, but it was good.

Um... what do you guys think of this movie? I'd love to hear your views.

Stay awesome.



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