My favourite TV shows: a typical rambly review

It occurs to me that I haven't talked much on this blog about my favourite TV series. This feels like an awful oversight considering how much I like watching certain shows. When I was younger I didn't like watching TV, I wouldn't go NEAR the TV, I hated it. I guess I was at an age where the majority of kids my age were obsessed with telly, and I've always been a bit of a rebel, so not watching TV was my way of rebelling against what was considered "normal" by my peers. I liked reading and in my opinion, smart people read books and dumb people watched TV. Nowadays I am MUCH more open-minded and while I still love reading and I don't watch a whole lot of TV, there are a few series that I really enjoy so what I'm going to try and do today is review them.

So... wish me luck, here I go!

Okay, so about a year ago I had a minor obsession with this series, so while I'm going to try and sound calm and rational here, I'm not making any promises. It's a cop show which follows a team of investigators as they solve cases related to the Navy. Ahem. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It's just... so good! The action! The drama! The humour! The laugh-out-loud dialogues! The balance of drama and humour is perfect, in my opinion. The cases are intriguing and well-thought out, but it never gets heavy. if you get what I mean, because there are plenty of humorous scenes to break the tension. Admittedly, some episodes are a bit meh, sometimes the case doesn't really make much sense? But in a series that has 24 episodes per series, and that has been running for over a decade, that's excusable in my opinion. And if the case isn't that great, the witty dialogues and interactions between the main characters make up for it. The main characters are very complex, too - they've all got dark pasts. *gasp* I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I'm a sucker for dark pasts, I love it when a character has a murky past, it makes them more believable and interesting. The main characters are: Gibbs, the very dedicated, slightly grumpy boss; Dinozzo, who acts kinda immature and is always quoting movies, but actually has a deeper side; Ziva, who's a really kickass fighter; McGee the computer genius; Abby, the eccentric, really awesome forensic scientist; and Ducky who works in autopsy. I'm probably missing someone? Never mind. They're all really complicated, well-developed characters, and pasts and personal lives are also a central part of the show. So yeah. Wow, I've written a LOT and I've still got like five other shows to review. So that wraps this up.

The Bang Theory:
Ahh. The Big Bang Theory. The sitcom that I hate that I love. Wow, that was a confusing statement, never mind. So: it's a sitcom about a gang of nerdy, socially-awkward scientists, who are just... nuts. Especially Sheldon. He's like the Supreme Nut. The show starts when the attractive Penny moves in to the apartment across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon, who are roommates. The gang, ahem, don't have much luck getting girlfriends so of course they all try and hit on Penny. Except Sheldon, who's not interested in dating because, he's, well, Sheldon. Or Raj, since he's too shy to speak to women and has to whisper everything he wants to say into Howard's ear whenever a woman is around. (It's kinda hilarious actually.) So... what can I say? It's a sitcom. It's funny. Sheldon is just the worst. He has no idea how to interact with people, for starters. And "The Roommate Agreement", if you don't mind. Sometimes I wonder how come Leonard doesn't strangle him in his sleep. But he also has an endearing side? Sometimes he acts like a little kid, like he gets all excited around trains, and he collects superhero toys, and he always does what his mother tells him. He and Leonard, Raj and Howard all work together at the same university. They're very fond of takeaways. In fact I reckon they don't eat anything except takeaways. A main theme in the show is the on-and-off relationship between Leonard and Penny (spoiler alert: they end up getting married at the end of season nine).
One thing I like about it is that the characters evolve. At the very beginning, in the first season, Sheldon is like a robot, Leonard is really socially awkward (he doesn't make eye contact with anyone), Raj is so shy he can't speak to women at all, and Howard is just... a bit of a creep, actually. But they all change as the show goes on. Howard gets married and they have a baby girl, Leonard really improves his social skills, Raj overcomes his shyness and actually has a few girlfriends... even Sheldon gets a bit more human - he's still a complete nut job but he's a little more normal than he used to be.

The Gilmore Girls:
I'm currently re-watching this, after watching it a couple of years ago. I'm on season two. It's one of my current favourites. It's about a mother and a daughter, Lorelai and Rory, the "Gilmore Girls". Lorelai had Rory when she was sixteen and ran away from her parents, to Stars Hollow, the fictional town where it's set. When the show starts, Rory herself is now sixteen and wants to study at a good private school to have a good chance of getting into the university she wants to go to, but Lorelai doesn't have much money, so she has to go to her rich, controlling parents to ask for money. It's... simple. Nothing fancy. Nothing very interesting happens. It's just... life. Life in a small town: whenever something out of the ordinary happens, the whole town knows about it in like, five minutes. Lorelai is the manager of an inn and has a fantasy of opening her own inn with her best friend, Sookie. Rory is a very dedicated student and wants to be a journalist. The show focuses on Lorelai's rocky relationship with her mother, and Rory's relationship with her boyfriend, Dean, her best friend Lane and 'enemy' Paris. It's got quite a lot of drama in it, but it's also very warm and witty. It's not a drama and it's not a comedy: it's something in between. The dialogues are great: Lorelai can be a little crazy at times. I'm sorry, I just have to mention Michel, the French guy who works at the front desk in Lorelai's inn: he's so rude and sarcastic it's just bloody hilarious.
To be honest, I like the first couple of seasons, but after that I kinda lost interest. At the beginning, I liked it because I really relate to it: my mum and I are very close, like Lorelai and Rory, and like Rory I enjoy reading and I'm a bit of an introvert. But then Rory grows up and... I dunno, I just don't relate to it so much after that. But it's a very good show.

Scorpion is about a team of super-geniuses who solve near-impossible cases and often end up saving the world. The team consists of: Walter, who's kinda the boss, Sylvester, who can solve any calculation in his mind in seconds, Toby, who's a behaviourist, Happy, who's a mechanical prodigy, and... I don't think I'm missing anyone out? Then there's Paige, who isn't a genius, but she helps the others sort of understand the real world. See, the team's very smart, but they don't have a clue how to interact with non-geniuses, so that's where Paige comes in. Paige's son is a genius too, and he learns from the others. So, they go around saving the world. To be honest, sometimes it's not very believable - how many times a year do they have to save the world? Every time they leave the house something awful happens? And a lot of time they say that they have like, 1% chance of getting out alive, but they always manage to survive? Whenever they explain what they're about to do, they talk so quickly and using such technical language that you barely understand a thing. And then there's Walter. God, Walter is being such an idiot lately, in the episodes I'm currently watching. I mean, all the others have kind of evolved from the beginning of the series, they're all way less awkward. But Walter just keeps going backwards. I mean, he seemed to sort of be changing, but then he started acting like a total asshole - I'm sorry, that's the mildest word I can come up with to describe his behaviour. Okay, the deal is he's in love with Paige, but he won't tell her for god knows what reason, even though he's had like a gazillion opportunities to do so. And then Paige got a boyfriend who also sort of joined Scorpion, and Walter was being a total jerk to him and of course Paige got really mad. Walter. Dude. If you don't tell her you're in love with her, she ain't gonna know. Writing this I'm actually wondering why I even watch this? It's really not that great. But I like it because it's so fast-paced and exciting, even if it's not very believable it's still fun to watch. It's actually on this afternoon, yay.

Before I start, let me just say that I watched this about two years ago, and I don't remember  a lot of the details. It's basically about a bunch of people who have superpowers. I... don't actually remember how they got the powers? I think it had something to do with a solar eclipse? I warned you, I don't remember a whole lot. But I wanted to say something about it here cause I really enjoyed it. Well, I liked the first season. Basically, a few random, unconnected people around the world develop powers. At first they have nothing to do with each other, but as it goes on, they meet each other in a few different ways. And there's this really bad guy called Sylar who kills people with powers to steal their powers. So the good guys have to try and stop him. As I said, I really liked the first season, it was really gripping and atmospheric. After that, it... just went downhill. Season two wasn't that bad. But seasons three and four were basically just unbearable. Why? IT GOT SO DAMN COMPLICATED. So many new characters were introduced, the story twisted around so much, the bad guys became good, the good guys became bad... it ended up being really confusing. Unnecessarily complex, if you ask me. My advice: if you're going to watch it, just watch the first season, don't bother with the rest, it's not worth it.

That's all I've got time for! There are a few other shows I'd talk about like Sherlock, Doctor Who and Melissa and Joey, but I don't have time; this post has already been in the making three days (I haven't had much time) and I don't want to wait another day before posting it. Maybe I'll do another post on this subject sometime?

Do any of you like any of the shows I've talked about? Does anyone not like them? I'd love to hear your opinions!

Stay awesome!



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