My karate grading: I have a cold and I was half-asleep, but I managed to PASS, woohoo

So today I had my second karate grading. It... didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped it would. The reason for that is that I've got a cold, and I haven't been feeling so great lately. And this morning at 10am, which was when the grading took place, I was half-asleep. But it didn't really go so badly - I passed! I got my orange belt. It's so nice, and... orange! Though I kind of liked my blue belt better, I like the colour more. Oh who cares, I just want to keep getting better at karate. Gosh I was so glad I passed, I was convinced I'd screwed up, I really didn't do as well as I could have done. I felt so proud of myself. It's my third belt, jeez, not exactly an incredible achievement, but what the hell I was SO HAPPY.

I feel like I should say something about what I've been up to the past few days, but... I haven't really been doing much lately, since I've had a bad cold. I pretty much spent all week feeling to ill to do any studying in the morning, then feeling better in the afternoon and feeling guilty because I hadn't studied much, and panicking that I was going to be too ill to take my grading. My mum starting getting ill last weekend, and I was like, oh no, it's going to be me next... but I was feeling all right... and then on Wednesday I starting getting a sore throat and a blocked nose, and it just went downhill from there... I was like noooooooooo.... THIS CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME, NOT WHEN I'M ABOUT TO TAKE MY GRADING!

Seriously, this always happens? I have, like, two colds a year, and I always get them whenever there's going to be something important. Like, last year, in March or so, I was going to do an Irish dancing competition (I used to do Irish dancing, I don't any more) but I couldn't, because I was in bed with one heck of a flu. I was so, so disappointed because I'd been looking forward to it for weeks. And I mean, I couldn't have gotten the flu a week before the competition, or the week after; no, it had to be on the day. So I was kinda scared that the same thing would happen now and I wouldn't be able to do the grading.

But I did it, and it's all over, and I'm actually feeling a bit better now. Let's hope this cold will be short-lived.

It's mothers' day tomorrow and I guess we'll be doing something, but considering both me and my mum are still a bit ill I'm not sure exactly what we'll do. We were thinking of going to the cinema, and watch either the new Beauty and The Beast, or The Lego Batman Movie. I REALLY WANT TO SEE THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE as I'm a huge fan of The Lego Movie, but I mean it's my mum's choice. And we might not even go to the cinema at all, so yeah. If we do, I'll definitely review whichever movie we watch here.

Oh, I think the clocks are going forwards tomorrow? Or is it backwards? Gah, I always end up so confused. I actually hate it when the time changes - makes me feel disoriented, somehow? Yeah, I'm definitely never going to a faraway destination - I hate in when the time changes ONE HOUR, just imagine me somewhere that's like, eight hours behind or something. I'd probably die.

Well... that's it from me. Stay tuned for possible upcoming movie reviews.



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