My weekend: I learnt self-defence, I had a private ballet lesson, we went shopping, and my dad made friends with a weird guy on the bus

Okay, enough procrastinating; I have to start writing this blog post or I'm never getting it done. Yeah, if you're wondering what the heck I'm on about, I've just spent about half an hour surfing the web, putting off having to write. Why? I'm just kinda tired, not very inspired to write. Oh hey, that almost rhymed. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. Argh what is up with me today, jeez. The reason I'm tired is that I've had a pretty busy weekend. So, let's talk about that, shall we?

Yesterday I had to wake up early-ish because there was a special karate class that I wanted to go to. I usually have karate lessons on Tuesday afternoons but every now and again there are certain special lessons on Saturdays that are worth going to. Yesterday's class was about how to defend yourself if someone attacks you on the street. It was actually really good, though I was a little sleepy due to it being early on a Saturday morning, so I probably didn't get as much out of it as I could've. We learnt some pretty useful things, like if someone grabs your shoulder from behind, don't try and pull away (which let's face it is what anyone would do) but go towards your attacker and use the momentum of him pulling you to counter-attack. To be honest, I think knowing self-defence is something really important; you just never know what's going to happen or when. I'm probably never going to be attacked on the street, but just knowing that I know how to defend myself if I have to makes me feel more confident. In my opinion, everyone should know basic self-defence, but I know some people don't like that sort of thing and don't want to learn.

So after my karate class, I had lunch and got changed for my ballet and singing. The show's in two weeks and the the whole school was completely chaotic due to rehearsals. I had private ballet lessons. I was the only one who showed up to the class. I suppose the other girls were doing a rehearsal or something. It was actually quite good! I bet people pay LOADS of money for a one-on-one dance lesson, and while it was a bit intense, it was good to have the teacher focusing on me all the time. I feel like I learned more than I usually do. And in my singing lesson there were only six of us; usually there's like fifteen. I hate it when there's a show, all the schedules get mixed up, classes are cancelled because of rehearsals, and everyone's rushing from one place to the other. I can't wait until the show's over, seriously.

By the time I got home I was knackered after such an intense day. I actually had to take a nap, which is something I never ever do.

And today my parents and I went shopping. *groans* I HATE shopping. I'm sorry, did someone say that girls like shopping? Whoever said that is an idiot. Well, I know that lots of girls do like shopping. So... I'm just a weirdo. Anyway! I digress. We went to see if we could buy another pair of cargo trousers for me. Can I just say that I'm basically in love with my cargo trousers. They're so comfortable, they fit me like a glove. They're not skinny, but they're not too loose. I can wear them in winter and they're nice and warm, but I can also wear them in summer because they keep me cool. They're water-proof (always a plus in rainy England). They're basically anti-dirt - I wash them like once a month; they never smell, they never get stained. So yeah, they're great. So because I only have one pair and I love them so much we went to see if we could get another pair, similar to the ones I've got. They didn't have my size in the end, but I decided which ones I wanted and since I now know more or less which size to get we're going to buy online. My mum bought a coat for herself, because the coat she had before was literally like twenty years old (we like saving money in my family).

I remember how long it actually took me last year to find a pair of trousers I liked. I used to have a pair of combats when I was younger, and I really wanted ones like it, but I searched in every single shop for some and I couldn't find anything. I guess they're just not in fashion? Every single pair of trousers are SKINNY. I don't like skinny trousers. But they're all you find in shops. Don't I have the right to not like skinny trousers? Hmm, I should start a protest. And let me tell you my darkest secret. Get ready... I don't like denim jeans. *Gasp!* Which is basically a crime right? Every single girl my age you see in the street wears jeans. The reason I don't like them is just... I find them unconformable. I've never liked them. Especially not skinny jeans. So it took me ages to find something I liked, until I found my favourite cargo trousers in a Cotswolds outdoor shop.

So after we'd done our shopping we went home on the bus. There was this guy sitting in front of us, talking really loudly to another guy sitting near him. And then he suddenly turned around and looked at my dad and said, "oh, hello mate, I didn't see you there, how are you?" Like, what the actual heck. He was a complete stranger. He was holding a beer can so I guess he was drunk and confused my dad with someone else, or something. My dad handled it pretty well, they actually chatted a little bit. This isn't actually the first time some weird guy has talked to my dad on the bus, it's happened before - we always seem to bump into all the weirdos, somehow. After the guy had gotten off the bus my dad was laughing, like "hey I made a new friend!" Yeah, with a drunk guy, dad, well done.

So... that was my weekend. I'm actually looking forward to Monday?? Incredible.

Stay awesome!



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