"Pride and Prejudice" and some stuff about the weather and my cat

I've recently started an English literature course, to take my English literature exam next year. And before starting the course, I have to read Pride and Prejudice since it's the book I'm going to be studying. To be honest, at first I really wasn't keen. I don't like classics. I just don't. They're hard to understand, and... I dunno, I'm just not a fan of them? As a rule of thumb I don't like any book from before the middle of the twentieth century. So when I realised I had to read Pride and Prejudice I was like, oh hell, this is gonna be so bad. I thought it was going to be all delicate, coquettish ladies and arrogant, over-opinionated gentlemen. But I was actually pleasantly surprised. The main character, Elizabeth Bennett, is actually... kind of cool? She's very smart, and independent, and headstrong; she doesn't fit the profile of a delicate lady, like I'd imagined the main character would be like. She has her defects, too; she's really stubborn, and she's very prejudiced against Mr Darcy (I think they end up married, though? The way things are going, I don't really know). I'm actually kind of enjoying it, which is like, incredible. It's so, so different to everything else I read - I'm into thrillers, mystery stories, action and intrigue. This book is all about the interactions between the characters, how they behave around each other, what they think. It's actually pretty intriguing, I keep wanting to know what's going to happen next. And it's interesting to know what society was like in the early 19th century, which was when it was written. So.. yeah, I'm surprising myself.

In other news, I got my hair cut today for the first time in about nine months. My ends were so split it was incredible. I got it cut quite short, around shoulder-length. I love that feeling when I've just gotten my hair cut, and I feel so... light! So free! Suddenly my hair is much less heavy and I love that feeling.

It feels like spring is here at last! I mean, yesterday it was raining all afternoon, but today it's been really sunny. I was out in the garden for a while and it was surprisingly warm. We've got daffodils growing in our garden, too, and it looks like we're going to get more soon.

To be honest, I like spring and summer and all, but I also really like winter. I LOVE snow, and I like frosty mornings and cold air, and long, dark nights - and curling up on the sofa with a warm blanket to read a good book or watch my favourite TV shows. So while I'm really glad spring is on the way, I'm also a little upset that winter is soon going to be over.

Someone who has really been enjoying the warm weather lately has been my cat, Elena. She is the CUTEST thing in the history of um, cute things, she's so fluffy and adorable. We adopted her from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home about five and a half years ago, when she was still a kitten. She's gotten really fat since then, she spends the whole day either sleeping or eating, jeez, I wish I could be a cat too. Now that the weather's nicer, though, she's been going outside more, especially when either me or my mum is out in the garden. Soon there'll be more birds and wildlife for her to "hunt". I say "hunt" because she loves to chase things, and keep an eye on birds, but she never actually catches anything. She's such a rubbish hunter. I mean, she's adorable and I love her to bits, but, ahem, she's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you get what I mean. She's only ever brought home a few mice, and I think she once brought in a baby bird, which probably fell right in front of her from its nest or something.

This is her this morning, lying on a windowsill in the sunshine:

I tried to take more photos of her while she was outside, but she is so camera-shy. I swear, the minute I pick up my phone to take a photo of her, she goes away or looks pointedly in another direction, so I can't take a proper picture of her. Sometimes I don't even have to pick up my phone, she seems to sense I'm about to take a photo. I think she's psychic.

Here are a few photos I've managed to take of her over the past few months:


Sleeping on top of the sofa. She sure picks her spots to take a nap.

"This is my computer, okay? It belongs to ME. So I'm just... gonna sit here and guard it, or something."

"And this Christmas tree is mine too, so don't you dare take it down when Christmas is over. I'm going to guard it too."

"Hey, I'm hiding! You're not meant to see me when I'm hiding, stop taking photos of me you annoying lady."

She always looks kind of bugged whenever I take pictures of her, which is mostly because to take a picture of her, I first have to chase her around for about ten minutes, which I guess annoys her.

I think my teeth are actually straighter, after wearing braces for about a month?? One of my teeth, which was completely unaligned with the rest of them, is almost where it should be! At first I thought I was imagining it, that I was so eager for my teeth straighten out quickly so I my braces can come off as soon as possible, that I was kind of fooling myself. But I asked my parents and they noticed it too! Maybe I won't have to wear braces for that long, if it's going so quickly?? *does happy dance* It's good to know that my braces are working and all the discomfort I felt at the beginning is going to be worth it. 

I've also got a karate grading this weekend. It's the second one I've ever done (I haven't been doing karate that long). I'm not really that nervous, but that will probably change by like, Friday. I guess I'll write a post this weekend about how it went.

Well, that's all I've got to say. Stay awesome!



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