Six reasons why I really, really don't like chain messages

I get A LOT of chain messages from friends. And don't get me wrong, it's not that bad. Some of them have a cute message at the beginning, and I appreciate my friends thinking of me and sending me something telling me they care about me. If I receive one I usually send it back to the person who sent it. Sometimes I send one to a friend I haven't heard from in a while, as an excuse to start a conversation. But. Mostly, I absolutely hate chain messages. They're annoying, and let's face it, there are other, more sincere, ways of letting your mates know you care. So today I'm going to write down the reasons why I really, really don't like chains.

Reason 1: "Forward this and you'll be very lucky for the next few days!"
Okay. So I'm meant to believe that, by sending a message which is basically just a few lines of text, I'm magically going to have amazing luck. Like. How. Why would I believe this. Is it a "magic message"? No. It's a message written by a random person. It's got as many magical powers as a text saying "hey what's up?" The idea that your luck might be affected by a text message is, I'm sorry, just dumb.

Reason 2: "If you don't forward this, you'll have bad luck for the next ten years."
Okay, so now you're THREATENING ME?! How flipping dare you. That's basically blackmail! You're telling me that if I don't do what you say, something bad will happen to me. This is the main reason I hate chain messages, I don't mind it saying that something positive will happen if I send it, but whenever they say that something negative will happen if I don't, I just get really bugged. I bet some people actually believe this and get scared, especially kids, and that makes me kinda mad.

Reason 3: "Send this to 15 close friends."
Ahem. I don't have 15 close friends. Maybe this is because I have a social life the size of a pinhead, but honestly I don't believe anyone has that many close friends. Not close friends. Normal friends, yes. But close friends, you have about four or five of them, not more, at least I don't. So how can you possibly send something to 15 close friends when you don't have them? Hmm. You'd just end up sending it to people who aren't close friends. So technically speaking, you'd be lying to them. Hmm.

Reason 4: "Send this to [random number] close friends, including me if I'm one."
This is basically manipulating your friends to tell you that they think you're a close friend. Imagine you get a chain message saying this from someone you don't consider to be a close friend, but is a friend nonetheless. So what do you do? If you don't send it back, you'll hurt your friend's feelings, because they consider you a close friend but you don't consider them one back. But then again, if you do send it, you're basically lying. And if you send a message that says this, how do you know that the people who send it back aren't just sending it back because they feel obliged to?

Reason 5: "Only send this to female friends, no guys."
Like, why? What's wrong with forwarding a chain message to a guy friend? What if one of your closest friends is male? Why aren't you allowed to send him one of these messages? I mean, there are some that don't say this but the vast majority of the ones I get are "girl only". I dunno, I just don't really get it and it annoys me.

Reason 6: "If you forward this, your crush will realise he likes you and will ask you out."
Um. I have a question. What if you don't have a crush? What if you have never had a crush and are absolutely uninterested in ever having one? How does this apply? Does this mean that if I forward this, some random guy is going to show up on my doorstep and ask me out? Urgh, no thank you. Whoever wrote it is assuming that everyone who reads it will have a crush, which is a very wrong assumption, at least in my case. I also hate it when, in some of the chains that are just for girls, it refers to the aforementioned crush as "him", or mentions "your boyfriend". Not every girl is into guys, I'm just saying. Don't be homophobic.

So yeah, these are the main reasons why chain messages drive me bananas. They're just pointless in my opinion.

What do you guys think about chain messages? I'd love to hear your opinions.

This applies to every post on my blog.  Even if you don't share my views on a subject I'm talking about, I'd still love to know what you think, perhaps I haven't considered that there are two sides to it. As long as you respect my opinions I'm always up for a friendly discussion.

Stay awesome!



  1. I find chain messages dumb for the same reason!
    It's one thing if there's interesting facts or a nice game (Ive had some of those forwarded on whatsapp and they're actually pretty nice!) but it's totally another if it's got absolute no value and people are forwarding for... absolutely no reason.....
    Good post by the way!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this.
      Yeah, I'm not 100% against chain messages, sometimes they're interesting and fun to read. But sometimes they're really dumb and I'm like - why would you even send me this? It's such a massive waste of time in my opinion.
      Thanks for visiting my blog!
      IndigoSky x


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