Super-realistic dreams and wildlife documentaries: I'm changing, what's happening to me?

First of all: no, you haven't gone insane; yes, I did just change my blog's title. I was tired of "IndigoSky's Blog", it was boring. I wanted my blog to have a nicer title, something quirky, interesting, attention-grabbing, and that also describes the content of my blog. And after a few days of thinking, I came up with its new title.

This is going to be one of those posts that I enjoy writing so much, where I just write the first thing that comes into my head. Enjoy...

I want to talk about a dream that I had last night. Basically, I dreamt that I was going to go to the cinema with two of my friends to see the Lego Batman movie (which by the way I haven't watched yet and I REALLY REALLY want to). In the dream I agreed on the date and time with my friends over WhatsApp, then took the bus to where I'd agreed to meet them, then we got on another bus together to get to the cinema. If you're wondering what the heck is so interesting about this, it's that it was just so, so, so realistic. Usually, my dreams are a confusing muddle of images and stories and nothing quite makes complete sense. But in this dream, everything was so... clear. I was actually texting my friends, and I could read the texts we sent each other, I swear I even saw their current profile pictures while I was messaging them in the dream. When I got on the bus, it was exactly like the buses that I usually take, and when I got to the High Street to join up with my mates, I could see every single detail about it: the people walking around, and the shops. I saw Costa Coffee, Holland and Barretts, Debenhams, Marks and Spencers (all popular high street shops in the UK, if you were wondering). And I could see my friends' faces perfectly clearly, I think normally I don't see people's faces in dreams? And the thoughts that I was thinking were perfectly logical, normal thoughts: I was thinking that I had to text my mates to tell them I was running slightly late, for example. I also remembered that I really wanted to see the Lego Batman movie and I told my friends so; I was really excited that I was finally going to get to see it. So compared to the fact that my normal dreams are chaos, this was kind of... cool? Creepy? I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest. But it was so incredibly realistic.

Today the weather was really nice here. My mum and I met up with one of my mum's friends and we had lunch out in the park, it was so nice! FINALLY the weather seems to have realised it's nearly spring! It was really warm, and really sunny. I mean, it's probably going to get cold and rainy again soon, but hey, today was great. I'm just sayin'.

The other day I watched this documentary programme on the BBC about wildlife, "Planet Earth 2" I think it was called, I'd heard of it before. I've never been very interested in documentaries; I'm not a full-on documentary-hater but I just don't like them much. But this one was actually so good? I swear I was gripped: I had to know what would happen next to the animals. Seriously, cop shows have nothing on it. And some of the creatures were so adorable! There were some ferrets, I think, and they were just so, so cute. And some baby turtles, that wandered away from their habitats to the city and they probably wouldn't survive long, that was just heartbreaking. The monkeys! Oh my god the monkeys, they literally stole things from under people's nose, they're such good thieves it's kind of scary. Yeah, I was hooked. Me, hooked on a documentary. What is happening to me.

Yesterday I had an orthodontist's appointment, I got one of the wires changed to one that's less flexible. Oh, and I got the little bands done in a different colour, they're green now.

Yeah... that's all I really want to talk about today. Later.

Stay awesome,



  1. The new blog names sounds good, I like it!
    I've noticed that most of my realistic dreams happen when I wake up early in the morning (around 4 or 5 am) and go back to sleep right away. Usually I don't remember the dreams, but sometimes I get genuinely confused if an event happened or if I dreamed it all. It's scary sometimes...

    1. I know, right? Realistic dreams can be so disorientating!
      This doesn't really happen anymore, but when I was younger I had a phase where I would literally dream that I woke up, had breakfast, got dressed... I'd dream a whole day and I'd wake up so confused! I didn't know if it had happened or not, I found it really scary.
      And yeah, I think I only remember the dreams I have right before I wake up, so if I wake up a few times during the night I feel like I've had loads of dreams but I guess it's the same as every night.
      IndigoSky x

  2. I used to love rainy days -- whether they are cold or warm -- and thought that the UK would be the perfect country for me to live in because it's raining all the time. And then I moved to a place where cold and rainy (and windy) is the norm, and suddenly rainy days become THE WORST. 😂 (my hands are cold all the time. drying clothes outside is a joke.)
    I guess it's the security and the warmth that my home offers in contrast to the gloomy sky that made me love that kind of weather, but now that I live away from home, I'll just have to seek the warmth by myself, which makes me appreciate sunny days a lot more. (Well, for now, at least. I'll probably take that back once summer arrives. 35 degrees Celsius is just intolerable. :P)

    1. 35 degrees?! Urgh that sounds awful! I've been in 30 degree heat before and I thought I was going to die! XD
      I like rain too, to be honest, just not when I'm outside :P But when I'm indoors I find the sound of rain falling relaxing... But to be honest, I prefer sunny days, though I hate it when it's too hot.
      And my hands have pretty much been freezing cold all winter! They're always cold for some reason, even if the rest of me feels warm??
      Also, you posted this comment literally thirty seconds after I'd finished replying to another comment! It was so weird, I love little coincidences like that XD

    2. I never got a reply so fast! It's like live chatting or something, haha.
      The sound of rain is relaxing indeed! I sometimes even listen to rainfall on YouTube when it's too quiet. Oh and the smell of rain can be so lovely! (I read somewhere that one particular smell that's a part of it is call petrichor because the smell is from a liquid chemical (-ichor) released by water from rocks (petro-))
      Some people say that having cold hands (even when your body is warm) means you have inefficient circulation. I say having cold hands means I get to crack a hand warmer (or two) and play with that sack of iron powder all day XD

    3. I don't think I've ever replied so fast! It was such a coincidence that you happened to comment while I was online 😆
      I love the smell of rain too... I think it smells sort of clean when it's just rained? Not sure if that makes sense, haha.
      I heard that too, but surely if I have bad circulation, my feet would be cold too? And my feet are always warm... I dunno 😂😂


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