Exams, exams, exams, I'm so sick of exams jeez

Yo peeps. (This is me trying to be cool, by the way.)

It feels like ages since I last posted anything on here! Like, a nearly whole week?! Where have I been? Well... I've been studying a lot, and I've also started working on a new writing project, which is taking up most of my spare time. But, here I am now! To talk about... hmm... I dunno, I'll come up with something I guess?

Well, something that's been on my mind a lot recently is my upcoming exams. My Spanish speaking exam is coming up next week. NEXT WEEK! I kept thinking, oh, it's not for ages, I have loads of time to prepare... but now suddenly I've realised it's in a few days... *shudders*  Oh well, I've prepared it quite well, I speak fluent Spanish for crying out loud, how bad can it go? My Spanish reading and writing is in May, which isn't that far away, either, and my English exams are in June. I'm mostly worried about my English exams, as I really, really want to do well in them because as you've probably gathered by now, writing is my LIFE, and I'd probably want to go on to study something to do with English language and literature in the future. Thing is, I'm good at creative writing, and blog-writing, but when it comes to any other type of writing, I'm just... not so great, to be honest.

I did an English mock exam between yesterday and today, and it was... okay, I guess? The first exam took me about two and a half hours to complete, it's so long, and I hate sitting still for so long. Though I guess I have to get used to it, because that's what the actual exam is going to be like. I think I did quite well in the first couple of sections I did, but by the time I got to the last one, I was so bored and restless I kind of just wanted to get it over with, and I didn't do so well. Oh, and there was this one question I didn't know how to answer because it made absolutely NO SENSE. I managed to write something down in the end, but I have no idea if I wrote the right thing.

This morning I did the second paper in the exam, and to be honest, I completely wasn't concentrated; my mind kept wandering. I had to analyse a poem. A POEM. Don't get me wrong, I like poems, the particular one that came up in the mock exam was one that I really liked. But the problem is, I like a poem, but I'm not sure WHY I like it, and when it comes to an English exam, that's no good because you have to give "reasons for your opinions". Argh. Whatever, I think managed to write a mildly coherent essay. And the last question was kind of fun; I had to explain what I'd do if I ruled the world. I kinda enjoyed that, though I was disappointed there wasn't a short story question.

To be honest, I'm not really that stressed over my exams. I mean, they're important and everything, but I don't think that if you fail your GCSEs, your life is over. That's the sort of impression that most kids my age seem to have, though, I guess it's what they're told in school. If you fail your GCSEs, you... can retake them in six months. Like, what is so terrible about that? And I've prepared my exams quite well, in my opinion, why should anything bad happen? But then I see all the other kids who are going to take their exams, and they are freaking out big time, and I think - should I be freaking out too? Why aren't I freaking out? Perhaps I'm not taking my exams seriously enough? I have to keep reminding myself that I AM taking them seriously, and I've been studying hard these past few months; I'm doing all I have to do to pass.

I've also been thinking about the exams I'll be taking next year. So far, I've decided:

- Maths
- English literature
- Human biology
- French
- History

I haven't quite decided whether to take my history exam; but I'm going to be learning history for fun really, and if I enjoy it and decide I'll be able to take the exam, then I'll take it.

ARGH I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT EXAMS ANY MORE!! They are such a boring subject, jeez. Why am I even talking about this in the first place?

On a non-exams-related subject, I've recently gotten hooked on a TV show called Sanctuary. I've only watched a few episodes so I can't give much of a review on it, but so far I'm liking what I've watched. It's basically about a team of people who protect and investigate things related to "abnormals", which are basically people and creatures with special powers. I like that it's kind of a mix of science fiction and crime drama, which are basically my two favourite genres.

Right, I was going to write a bit more about this show but I have to go down to dinner, so I don't have enough time. I might write a post about it sometime.

I don't really have much else to talk about really. Exams and Sanctuary, that's pretty much been my life these past few days.

See you.



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