I took my first GCSE exam last Friday! One down, a million to go, yay me

So I guess it's time for a "life update" post, and quite a lot has happened in my life lately, so this should be fun to write.

Firstly, I took my Spanish speaking GCSE exam on Friday!! And it went fine!! *screams with joy* I DID IT I DID IT IT'S OVER, I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT ANYMORE! I had a really intense week last week, I had to revise what I was going to answer for every single question that might come up in the exam, I honestly thought I was going insane. So many questions, argh. I'm not Google, okay? Stop asking me QUESTIONS. (I told you I went slightly nuts.) I swear I spent all Thursday night dreaming I was revising for the exam, and I'd wake up in the middle of the night thinking Oh jeez, I forgot to prepare an answer for this particular question! Aaaargh. Just kill me. But it's over! I can forget all those answers and just... not think about it anymore! Yay. One exam down, like a gazillion left to go!! I've still got two Spanish exams, writing and listening, and two English language exams. And that's not counting the ones I'm doing next year. But oh well. It's over for the moment.

Yesterday was just exhausting. I had karate in the morning, and wow was it intense, I don't think I've sweated that much in a LONG time. And after that, do you think I was able to go home and spend all the rest of the day mooching on the sofa? Oh hell no. My dance lessons are back on now after the Easter holidays, so after my karate class, I had to rush over to my dance school to get there in time to have lunch in the canteen and get changed. And then of course, I had one hour's worth of ballet dancing. ... I thought my legs were going to drop off. Today my legs are so SORE I can barely move, I've been home all day doing nothing, heh. I think I'm going to have to stop doing karate on Saturday mornings, it's just too tiring, and I do karate on Tuesdays as well anyway.

Well... I don't really know what else to say here. That's pretty much all that's been going on in my life lately. Hmm... I thought I had more stuff to talk about. I don't really feel like writing more, to be honest. I'm so tired after such an intense two days. Maybe I can just go to sleep...

I'll be posting again soon - I've nearly finished the book I'm currently reading so there'll be a review on it coming soon. I've also got a few "witty" posts planned, that I'll write soon. (If I have time. And if I can be bothered.) And you can expect I'll be enthusing over Sanctuary a bit more. (When I'm obsessed with something, my friends, I'm obsessed with it 100%. But you should know that about me by now.)

Stay awesome,



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