Movie review: "Beauty and The Beast"

Hey guys, guess what - it's review time!

I'm feeling a LOT better than I felt yesterday, my dizziness is almost a thing of the past, YES! You have no idea how good it feels to be able to walk in straight lines instead of stumbling around all over the place cause I felt like I was walking on a freaking moving train. And I feel good enough to be able to try and come up with a coherent movie review. (I THINK I'm able to come up with a coherent movie review. I'm not making any promises.)

Anyway, last Friday, before I got sick during the weekend, my mum and I went into central London for a day out. I'd been studying really hard and we kind of deserved a fun day with no studying. We went to the National Gallery for a bit, had lunch in Leicester Square, then went to the Leicester Square Odeon to watch the new Beauty and The Beast film, which I'll be reviewing now.

Okay... um. Can I be really, really honest here?

I was a bit disappointed by it.

It wasn't BAD. It was okay. But I just didn't really enjoy it much.

It... it just wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be a more grown-up version of the original fairytalewith deeper characters and a more complex storyline, rather than just a copy of the original animated film but with real people. I'm not really sure why I was expecting that - I guess it's just because it's got real people in it, rather than just animated characters, that made me think it was going to be a different sort of movie. I thought it was going to have more depth, but it didn't really, and it disappointed me a bit.

Well, it did have some added bits: we learn a bit about the Beast's life before he was turned into, you know, a beast, and about Belle's mother who died when Belle was young. But it didn't really have much to do with the story, and it wasn't really well-developed in my opinion. It would have been nice if we'd been told more, if what happened in the past somehow linked to what was happening in the present - that would have made the film more interesting, and again, given it more depth.

I liked the character of Belle, she's kind and strong-willed and she loves to read, and dreams of a more interesting life. But I didn't really connect with her, I sometimes didn't understand her. I felt like the bit where she and the Beast make friends was kind of rushed, one moment they hate each other and the next they're chatting and laughing together - like, whoa, what happened?

The songs were all very well, but it took up a lot of the film and to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of musicals. Suddenly everyone just starts singing, out of the blue? Everyone in the village knows how to sing? And it was all a bit melodramatic, with lots of dramatic scenes, but there wasn't really much to the story.

Which is fine! Because it's a fairytale aimed at little girls! But I was expecting something more.

It wasn't the type of film I like. I like either hilarious comedies, or else thrilling action movies with lots of plot twists. And this film didn't fall into either category. I also like animated kids' films, because part of the enjoyment of watching it is seeing the animations, which are really, really good in some cases. And since this film wasn't animated, I felt it kind of lost something.

I'm feeling guilty now because I feel like I'm giving this a very negative review, and it wasn't BAD - it just wasn't my type of film. I'm not really into musicals, or romance stories, or fairytales, and I like stories that are a bit more complex. If YOU like musicals, romance stories and fairytales then you'll probably enjoy it. The costumes are also pretty good, so if you're into that sort of thing you'll like it.

Have you watched The Beauty and The Beast? What did you think of it? Did you like it? Comment below!



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