TV review: "Sanctuary"

Well, after the previous, ahem, slightly intense post, I think it's time for something less real-life-ish and more to do with a fictional world. (Fictional worlds are so, SO much better than real life; you have to agree. Life is such a drag.) Yup, it's review time.

Today I'm going to be fangirling about reviewing my current favourite TV series, Sanctuary. 

DISCLAIMER: I only started watching this series about a week ago, I think I've watched a grand total of around ten episodes, and I missed the first two seasons; so if anything I write is wildly inaccurate, don't blame me please. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

I haven't watched that many episodes, but I'm enjoying it so much so far that I really wanted to write a short post about it, because that's what this blog is for, right? For me to ramble about my obsessions.

So Sanctuary is basically about a team of people who live and work at, um, a Sanctuary, which is a place where "Abnormals" - who are people and creatures with special powers and abilities - can find refuge and care. Apparently there are loads of these Sanctuaries around the world, but the show focuses on the team living at the one in Canada (I think the show is Canadian.) The team consists of: Helen Magnus, who's the head of the Sanctuary Network and is the leader of the team; Henry, who's a technology genius and also happens to be a werewolf; Will, who... okay, I'm not 100% sure what he does exactly, but he's some sort of scientist; Kate, who used to work for an organisation that was against the Sanctuary; and Bigfoot, who is... a bigfoot? Need I explain. They investigate things that have to do with Abnormals, as well as looking after the creatures that live in their Sanctuary.

There's also this backstory going on. Basically, Helen is like a hundred and fifty-something years old, and she used to be part of this team of five scientists who started investigating Abnormals, in like the 19th century, and I guess they were the ones who started the Sanctuary network. This team included Nikola Tesla and a guy called John who became Jack the Ripper. (Messing around with history; I like it.) At some point these five scientists injected themselves with vampire blood, which gave each of them powers; Helen has a prolonged lifespan, which is how she's still alive. Tesla is still alive, too, and he's now sort of part of the team as well. He has some sort of magnetic powers? Oh, and he's a total smart-aleck, incidentally. The John guy is still around too, but I'm not sure why or how or what his deal is.

It strikes me that this review is failing miserably - come on, I barely know what I'm talking about myself, let alone anyone reading this. Why couldn't have waited to review this after watching a few more episodes...? I sure as hell hope they show the first couple of seasons at some point, because I really, really want to know more about what went down in previous episodes. (Unlike the vast majority of people I know I don't have on-demand TV, so I can only watch whatever's on.) Anyway, the review must go on!

I guess I like it because it's sort of a mix between mystery and science fiction - which are basically my two favourite genres. I find it really interesting - lots of intrigue, lots of mysterious stuff, and I love the idea that there are people with powers living amongst us. Admittedly, not all episodes are as good as others; while some have me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails and crying out in frustration whenever it cuts to an ad break, some aren't really that interesting. And some are kinda... confusing? It's a bit like Doctor Who, actually, fun to watch, but boy is it easy to get lost with all that sci-fi stuff.

Something else that varies from episode to episode is the special effects. Um... I'm not sure how to say this. Sometimes the special effects are good, you know? Not ground-breaking stuff, but good. But sometimes... sorry, there's no other way to say it, sometimes the CGI is terrible. Just... terrible. I'm not sure why the quality is so different depending on the episode; I have this theory that they have a low budget, and they spend it all on half the episodes, so in the other half the special effects have to be cheap.

None of this really affects my enjoyment of the show, though; yes, I am hopelessly hooked no matter what. There's no cure for me, is there?

Two words: HELEN MAGNUS. She is so awesome oh my gosh?? She literally knows EVERYTHING; she knows everything there is to know about science and medicine, plus she speaks about a gazillion languages. I guess that's what you get when you live for a hundred and fifty years. Oh, and she can fight like hell. And did I mention she's a really nice person?

Well, that's all I've got. Hope you enjoyed this half-baked mess of a review.

Stay awesome,



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