Yesterday was the worst day ever, I was really ill, but I'm better now thank god

Sooo... yesterday was basically the worst day of my life, and let me just tell you why:

I woke up, nice and early, ready for a fun weekend... and I sat up in bed... and the world just started whirling around like crazy. I had really, really bad vertigo, I could barely move without feeling like I was on a wildly unstable boat. This had never happened to me before, I had no idea what the heck was going on. It was completely out of the blue, too - I was feeling fine the day before. I just basically felt really dizzy all the time, especially when I moved my head, or got up or sat down, or basically moved in any way. And I also got really sick - I threw up so many times in a single day it was impossible. I couldn't eat anything all day, I couldn't even hold down water, it was that bad. I felt so, so crappy all day, and in the afternoon my mum called the doctors' because we were both really worried, and we got an appointment at the urgent care centre at a nearby hospital at nine o'clock at night.

So we took a taxi to the hospital, and it wasn't so bad - I'd stopped being sick by then, I'd actually managed to eat a biscuit and drink some water, YAY. And at the hospital we were seen at around 10pm even though our appointment was at 9 - to be honest, it wasn't that awful; I thought we were going to be stuck there until midnight. The doctor checked me up and told me it was nothing serious - probably just a small infection that had affected my ears and stomach. By then I was actually feeling much, much better, I was still a little dizzy but it was nothing compared to how terrible I'd felt that morning.

We took the bus back home, and it was past eleven by then - it was kind of weird going around so late, I'm never out at that time of night. Everything was.... different. So much quieter and emptier. Weird. Also, by then I was so exhausted maybe I was kind of imagining things. I got home, took a quick shower, had something to eat, stayed up a little longer to make sure I wasn't going to be sick again, and then fell into bed and I think I spent all night dreaming about hospitals and doctors.

So, yeah... This has been my weekend so far. Really sucky. I'm feeling a lot better today - I'm still a little bit dizzy and unsteady but I'm WAY better than I was yesterday.

Argh. I really, really hate being ill. It's not just that I feel bad, it's also I HATE spending all day sitting around doing nothing, and that's basically all I've been able to do these past couple of days. I like to DO stuff, and if I can't do anything I just get really bored. Oh well... I guess this will be over soon, eh.

In other, more cheerful news, I planted two peas a few weeks ago, and they grew into pea plants. One of them is really tall:

And look! Look at this!


Isn't this exciting?? I actually just found another pea pod growing on it too.

The other pea plant has an interesting story. Basically, it's roots broke, I think my cat must have dug it up or something. I thought it was dead, but I replanted it just in case it came back to life. And it did! I put down roots again and kept growing. I mean, it's nowhere near as tall as the other plant, but it'll get there. 

*sobs* I'm so proud of you

Well, that's all I've got for today. I've got a couple of reviews planned, which I'll probably write and publish in the next few days. 

I'm just gonna go lie down for a bit because I'm feeling dizzy again...

Stay awesome!



  1. I went through a similar thing! I got this virus before, I vomited out all my lunch and had a headache and stomach ache. I lied down for hoursss, and when I got up I was soo dizzy that my hearing got faulty.

    It's really good that you like to get up and do things! Don't worry, you'll recover soon :-)

    1. Thanks! I really, really hope I get better soon, I have so many things to do that I hate having to sit around because I'm ill! :)
      Thanks for visiting my blog!
      IndigoSky x


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