Haiku poems: a few poems by yours truly

I've recently developed a new passion. Recently, like last night recently. This new passion is writing haiku poems, which are short poems that are seventeen syllables long; five in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last. Basically, I just happened to be looking through an old notebook of mine from when I was younger, and I found a couple of these poems that I'd written when I was about nine. I had to write them as part of an English lesson, and they weren't very good, so I thought, maybe I could re-write these? So I started thinking about it and that's how it all started; I started thinking up other haikus (is that even the plural of haiku, I'm too lazy to look it up heh) and basically spent all day today with my head in the clouds thinking up new poems. Typical me.

So I thought I might as well share some of my madness poems on this blog, hope you like them!

I wrote these about seasons:

Cloudy, dreary sky
Trees turning pretty colours
I know autumn's here

Snow drifting downwards
Hiding the world's mysteries
With a white blanket

Sky as grey as steel
Rain lashing down like needles
When will the sun come

Blossoms flowering
Baby animals are born
Spring has come at last

I also wrote some that are a bit, ahem, darker:

Bright lights, dark shadows
You think you know me; you don't
I hide my dark side

Those terrible lies
We tell ourselves to hide from
The terrible truth

What doesn't kill you
Leaves scars written on your heart
That don't ever fade

I actually sort of proud of myself for these. I've never really written poems before; I've never felt like I can properly express myself through poetry. But I like how these have turned out. They're short and broken and confusing and that really reflects my state of mind right now. 

Hope you enjoyed this.



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