Playing Poptropica: Astro-Knights Island, part two

Yo my peeps. (Trying to be cool again.) Welcome to part two of playing Astro-Knights Island!

(If you haven't read part one, you can find it here.)

... Okay, I have a confession to make. A pretty big confession. Last weekend, on Saturday evening, I was tired after a long day of dance lessons and I sat down in front of my laptop and... I really, really wanted to play Poptropica again, but I didn't feel like writing a blog post at the same time, so... I kept playing Astro-Knights Island, without writing about what I was doing or taking screenshots. I know, I know, I'm sorry. But never mind, because I'll just write a quick summary of the story so far.

You'll probably remember that at the end of the last post I'd just been asked by the king and queen of Arturus to find the princess, who had been kidnapped by invaders from outer space. I wasn't sure what to do, so after that I kind of wandered around a bit, being nosy. I managed to get inside the princess's bedroom by firing an arrow attached to a rope at the window, then climbing up the rope. (It's a long story.) Once inside I found out that the princess was super-interested in space, because there were space posters all over the walls, and I found a note mentioning an "order" who believe that Mordred is still alive, and are looking for him. Very long story short, I ended up finding the order's meeting place and one of the members gave me a key, which I used to enter Mordred's hideout. There I found a very friendly robotic owl who helped me get a fuel rod, which I then used to power up a broken-down spaceship which was stuck in the middle of a swamp.

So off I flew, into space.... and I crashed straight into a moon. Luckily the little green guys who inhabited it agreed to trade the broken spaceship for an awesome new one. Thanks, little green guys. You're the best. And so off I went again, this time with an actual proper ship with fuel and cannons and that sort of thing.

I had coordinates that someone had given me at some point (I don't remember who or when - wow I'm really not explaining things properly here am I?) for three planets - Jungle Planet, Fire Planet and Ice Planet. Whoever named these places seriously lacked imagination. Anyway, the first planet I decided to visit was the Ice Planet, as it was the closest. Here's what it says about it on my spaceship's system:

I came across these space sharks, and I had to lure them over to a black hole, it was no biggie. I was then able to land on the planet.

The first thing I had to do there was to jump on small glaciers to cross a type of river. Sounds straightforward, right? It actually took me quite a while because every time you slip off a glacier and end up in the water, you kind of freeze to death and have to start over. (If it's -79 degrees, though, shouldn't you freeze to death anyway, without touching the water? Come to think of it, actually, shouldn't the water be frozen?)

After I'd gotten to the other side, I thought my troubles were over. HA, wrong. I came across one of the knights who had set off to look for the princess, and he said that he thought that the princess was being guarded by a tiger-helicopter thing that was flying around.

So of course, I had to defeat the tiger-helicopter. I had to hit it three times by using a shield that the knight gave me, and getting the snow-missiles the helicopter was throwing at me to bounce off and hit it. Again, sounds easy? Well, easy it wasn't.

After about twenty minutes of frantic mouse-clicking, swearing, smacking the table in frustration and closing my eyes and repeating "this is a kids' game, I'm not going to lose it over a kids' game" in my head like a mantra, I finally managed to defeat that dratted tiger thingy.

And it turns out that it wasn't even guarding the princess after all. Well, I totally didn't see THAT coming. (sarcasm intended.)

So now I have to visit another of the two remaining planets, hoping to find the princess. At least I now have company; the knight person is coming with me. He just sort of stands there inside my ship. 

So, I'm off!

... Okay, I just launched my ship and... the game froze. ARGH.

Let me just log out and log in again to unfreeze it....

It's working again. I'm in space! 

I decide to go to the Fire Planet. I get shot at by aliens as I make my way there, but my ship seems fine. This is what it says about the Fire Planet on my ship's system:

427 degrees?! Human beings can't survive in 427 degrees...! Well, it looks like Poptropicans can. 

I now have to cross some lava to get to a volcano. It's the same deal as in the Ice Planet - if I fall in the lava I have to start over. Bear with me, this may take a while... 

Argh, the hard part about this is the TIMING. If you're like a second off you don't make it onto the platform and you fall.


Hey, I made it! I got to the top of the volcano and entered it. Think my troubles are over? Ha, as if. Now there's some sort of gas that flows through the tunnels at intervals and drags me up as I'm trying to make my way down towards the bottom of the volcano. I have to hide inside niches in the walls to stop myself being pushed up. 


Aw hell, this is taking forever!


WOAH. There was just this really weird glitch and I somehow fell through the floor and ended up at the end of the volcano? Ummm.... well, I'm not complaining, but this is kind of cheating. I basically just passed this without passing it. Hmm.

I end up right next to another knight guy, who tells me that he thinks the princess is being held captive by a fearsome beast. Hmm, now where did I hear that story before? The knight gives me an ice arrow and tells me to use it to defeat the beast, because he couldn't. What the hell? A knight can't defeat this creature and me, a teenager, has to do it for him? Sigh. So I take the arrow and prepare to head into the cave... DUN DUN DUN....

And on that thrilling note, I'm going to leave it for today. 

Check back for the next part to this, coming soon!

Stay awesome,



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