Top 10 things that annoy me

Hey guys. So tomorrow I have my Spanish GCSE listening and reading exam, and while I'm not very anxious I am a little nervy about it. I mean, this is basically the first exam I have ever taken - I did my speaking exam a few weeks back but that was different, it was just a conversation, not a written paper. I'm just not really sure what to expect. Also, it's not helping my mood that it's been raining almost non-stop for two days. I'm not the sort of person whose mood gets affected by the weather much, but seriously. Two days. Make anyone feel depressed. Unless you really, really like rain, of course. Then you'd be really happy.

Digressing again, as ever. Anyway, cause I'm not feeling too awesome I thought I'd write a post to match my mood, i.e. top 10 things that get on my nerves. Because what better way is there to make yourself feel better than complaining about the little things that annoy you?

Let's get started.

1. Exams. Like why do they even exist. What is the point of exams, other than making you stress out? Seriously, exams are the bane of my life right now, though I guess every other teen feels that way.

2. Having really cold or really warm hands. My hands are either freezing or boiling. There is no in-between.

3. When a bus or train is really packed and you have to be squashed up against complete strangers, or when a street is really crowded. I like my personal space, bite me.

4. When shop assistants are rude to you for no reason. Self-explanatory.

5.  When people send unintelligible texts. Like, I get it. Typos happen. Sometimes your auto-correction feature decides to change a certain word to something else for no reason whatsoever. God knows it happens to me all the time. But I usually read my texts over before I send them to check for typos, and if I send something with a typo, I instantly send a correction. It really bugs me when people send texts that make absolutely no sense, and I have to waste time trying to decipher what it means - especially if it's something important. It just kinda makes me feel that you don't care enough about texting me to read your texts over before sending them.

6. When I'm arranging to meet someone by texting and they tell me they have to ask their parents if they're free or not and that they'd get back to me, but they never do. Again, just makes me feel that you don't care. This is especially annoying when I'm arranging to meet up with several people in the same week, say during half-term, and I need to know when I'm going to be free. I hate having to chase people around and ask them if they could hurry up and reply.

7. Chain messages. Wrote a whole post complaining about these, find it here.

8. People who kill bugs. THEY ARE LIVING CREATURES TOO, YOU KNOW. I accidentally squashed a fly the other day; nearly cried.

9. Pre-teen girls who wear miniskirts and crop tops, and carry handbags and wear make-up and talk about boys. You are still a child. ENJOY IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

10. When I get to the end of a TV show I've been watching. One of my current favourites is coming to an end. WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE WHEN IT'S OVER.

Well, ahem, hope you enjoyed this? Do you agree with me on any of these? Let me know in the comments.

One other thing; if you're wondering why I haven't written any book reviews in a while, it's because... I just haven't felt inspired to write a review on anything, in fact I haven't really felt like writing much these past few days. I just get the feeling that if I tried to review something it would turn out really badly, and I don't want to post bad writing on this blog. Just bear with me, I'll go back to writing reviews soon.

Stay awesome.



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