Exam day: I got soaked on the way there but the exam went quite well

I. Have. Survived.

I have survived my first English exam.

*collapses onto the floor and dies*

Joking, though I am absolutely EXHAUSTED. I've been studying so much over the past few days, revising and everything, and today I had to wake up pretty early to get to the exam centre by nine a.m. I just want to sleeeeep but I have karate later, so I can't.

The bus journey to the school was complete agony. There was SO MUCH TRAFFIC. We were moving at an exhausted snail's pace. And then we had to get off that bus and onto another and it was right behind us when we got off the first bus, but there were people in the way so we missed it, so we had to run to the next stop to catch it, but it overtook us and we thought we weren't going to get it but we ran really fast and managed to catch it. Oh, and did I mention it was super-windy and bucketing it down with rain? So basically my mum and I were just running through a rainstorm, we got absolutely soaked through. It was actually really exciting. Completely took my mind off the exam.

The exam itself went fine; none of my fears came true (i.e. that I'd sit down and open the paper and found I was completely unable to write) and I actually finished with ten minutes to spare, which was good as I got a chance to read everything through. I'd done loads of past papers so I knew what to expect and how long I had to spend on each question, and I wrote more on some of the questions than I did in the mocks - I must have written more quickly. I mean, I think I went slightly off-topic on one of the sections but I reckon it's okay. I dunno, I'll get my result in August so we'll see how I did then.

I'm not sure how well I did... There's the super-arrogant, egomaniac part of me that's going OH YEAH I'M SO GETTING AN A* I'M AMAZING and then there's the other part of me that's thinking, oh god, oh god, what if I didn't answer a question right, what if I completely missed the point, what if all the essays I wrote were absolutely terrible and make no sense? ... Oh well, we'll see in August which part of me is right.

I've still got another English exam to get through, though, on Monday... which means I get a day off to relax and then it's back to revising. *sigh*

I wasn't the only external candidate doing the English exam; there was another home-educated girl, actually I knew her from when I used to go to home-ed group at an ice rink last year. She lives nearby and we were going to plan to do some studying and maybe do a project or something together... until she just suddenly stopped replying to my texts. I just stopped hearing from her at all. Like what the actual heck. Why do people sometimes do things that are so god damn illogical. And this was the first time I'd seen her since then. *Awk-waaaard* You know what I actually didn't think about that at all, I was thinking about the test, before the exam I just started babbling about whatever because I was nervy and after it I was so tired I didn't say a word to anyone.

So that was today, I guess. Thanks for reading this, um, post.

Stay awesome!



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