Just a quick post to say I'm not going to be posting anything here for the next couple of weeks because I'm going away on holiday! Yaaay. I really can't wait as I've been looking forward to this pretty much all year, and after all my exams and everything I REALLY need a break. We're going to Weymouth; I've never been before, but apparently the beaches are great. I'm not taking my laptop with me, so yeah, no posts until the beginning of next month.   

It is SO HOT today. I'm just sitting here in my room typing this and I can literally feel myself sweating! It's like 28 degrees; if you're from somewhere where it's really hot you're probably wondering what the big deal is but I'm really not used to this heat and I feel like I'm DYING. And I had ballet earlier today. It was... it was not fun. I thought I was going to melt like an ice lolly. When I got home I just sprawled out on the sofa, sweating and panting slightly. Urgh. I don't like summer. It's true; I don't mind it if it's a little bit warm but I cannot take too much heat. And honestly, I prefer it when it's cool outside. Oh, and did I mention that the heat is making me feel sleepy? Like, really sleepy, I can barely think straight. And last night I barely got any sleep because the neighbours were out in the garden and talking really loudly until like 1am (morons) and then I kept waking up because I was too hot, so I covered myself in only my sheet, but then I woke up because I was chilly so I put my cover back on, and so on and so forth until around 7am. ... Me no like summer :(

Sorry about that little rant, but I just felt like complaining about today. Heat just makes me feel really grumpy. Well, I guess the good thing about this is that the weather next week is going to be really warm, which will be great when I'm on the beach! Ahhh... I can't wait to be on holiday....

So back to the main point of this post, to let you guys know I'm going to be AWOL for the next couple of weeks. Don't worry though, I'll write a nice long post about my holiday when I get back... make everyone jealous... heheheh.

Stay awesome!



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