"Don't You Think It's Funny": A poem

Don't you think it's funny

That tall people want to be short
and short people want to be tall

That chubby people want to be skinny
and skinny people want to put on weight

That blonde people want to have dark hair
and dark-haired people want to be blonde

That pale-skinned people want to have darker skin
and dark-skinned people want to be white

That all young people want is to grow up
and adults do the impossible to fight ageing

I think it's funny
That no-one seems to like their appearance
Why can't we all just accept ourselves the way we are?



  1. So true! I use to have this problem, luckily I've become more at home in my own skin, but that's just because I've met amazing people who honestly love me and the way I look! :)

    1. I've always felt really comfortable in my own skin, and it kind of annoys me that everyone seems to hate at least one part of themselves... Everyone is beautiful in their own way, why can't we just like ourselves the way we are? :)

    2. I know! My friends are constantly tearing themselves down, I wish they could just see themselves the way I do!

    3. That happens to me too... Oh well, maybe it's just human nature to dislike ourselves? I don't know. :)


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