"Ice-Blue Eyes": A short story

Right, before we get to the main part of this post, there's a couple of things I want to say. First, I've decided to change my name. No, not in real life, just on this blog. I've decided to go from IndigoSky to just Indigo. I think it sounds nicer? Idk. Second, I just typed up this short story that I wrote a few months ago, and, well. I happen to be exhausted; it's been a loooong day. And long day = typos in my writing. So if you find any major typos here, could you please point them out to be so I can fix them? Thanks guys, you're the best.



I sat at my desk, pencil held over the paper, and sighed. Usually, I was good at English, but today I was completely blocked – I’d been sitting in this same position for over half an hour and I still hadn’t written a single word. I put my pencil down and stretched out in my chair. There was no doubt about it: I needed a break.

Sunlight was streaming in through my bedroom window. I wandered over to it and peered out. It was a wonderful, sunny summer’s day, and the field across the road from my house was packed with kids, playing in the green grass, enjoying the warm weather. I felt a pang of jealousy: I wished I could go outside too, instead of being stuck indoors worrying about my English homework.

I was about to turn away from the window when something caught my eye. It was a man, walking down the road, and he was wearing a dark coat and hat, which was odd, considering the warm weather. He walked purposefully along, gaze fixed ahead of him.

Then suddenly, he stopped. Right in front of our house. I frowned, wondering what he was up to.

And then his head snapped up, his gaze meeting mine. He was looking straight at me. I gasped. His eyes were a very pale blue, almost colourless, and there was something cold, something ruthless about that gaze – it sent a chill crawling up my spine. I snatched the curtains closed and staggered backwards to the far side of my bedroom.

I stood there for a moment, panting, my heart racing in my chest. Who was that man? Why had he looked at me? How had he known where I was? And why had his look made me feel so afraid?

After a while, I dared to go back to the window. I opened the curtains a fraction, and peered out. There was no sign of the man. Relieved, I opened the curtains the rest of the way.

Perhaps I was just being silly, I reasoned as I sat back at my desk. Perhaps there was nothing scary about the man at all, and I’d just overreacted. I got back to work on my homework, and tried to forget about it.

But the memory of the man with the black coat and ice-blue eyes stayed at the back of my mind for the rest of the day, like a black cloud blocking out the sun.


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  1. This was very interesting to read, I like the sense of foreboding that the mysterious man leaves. The story doesn't feel quite finished, but I like the direction, this could be a great beginning to a longer story or even a novel! Keep it up!!!

    1. Yeah, I wrote this more as a creative writing exercise than a short story actually. I was going to make it longer but I didn't really have any ideas, so I just left it on a cliffhanger :P I'm glad you found this interesting! :)

    2. It was really interesting! I liked it!!!

    3. Interesting... you should go on with it!


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