My holidays in Weymouth! + Changes to this blog

Hey!! Guess who's back from holidays! I am!! You probably already guessed that! I don't care! I'm just happy to be blogging again!!

Yep, I just got back from Weymouth a few hours ago. Did you guys miss me? I mean, I know I've got a grand total of like three readers but I wonder if those three readers missed me while I was away. Anyway. I'm kinda tired. It was a long journey, over three hours, urgh. But I really want to write a post about my holiday, seriously I've been wanting to do that for days but I couldn't write it while I was away, as I didn't have my laptop with me, and writing on my phone is such a pain.

So! Time for me to ramble on for a bit! Yay!!

Things didn't start so amazingly on the journey there, we missed the Weymouth train by literally twenty seconds (I am not exaggerating) and had to wait for an hour for the next train. Yippee. And then while we were on our way there were "signalling problems". Basically the train was delayed by two hours. Instead of getting there at three we got there by past five, I honestly thought we'd never get there, it was AWFUL. It was boiling hot, too, which didn't help things.

But once we were there everything was great. On the first four or five days of our holiday it was really warm, which was awesome as we got to spend whole days on the beach. I actually got a bit of  a tan, which is like incredible for me. My knees got especially tanned, for some bizarre reason. That always happens, don't ask me why. I went in the sea a LOT. On the first day the sea was actually warm?? How is that even possible?? And it's a really safe beach, the water is really shallow even if you go out a bit. I also read in the sun a lot. It was so much fun. I sound really unenthusiastic there but seriously, it was awesome.

Here are a few photos I took of the beach. Behold my "amazing" photography skills:

Sorry to all the random people I accidentally took photos of.

Anyway, as I said the first four or five days the weather was absolutely amazing, then things started going downhill a bit. It got really, really windy, and even though it wasn't very cold the wind kind of freshened everything up a bit. So we couldn't be on the beach so much, but we went on some walks around the town.

And the last three days or so it basically rained non-stop, which sucked. On one of the rainy days we took the bus to Portland, which is nearby. It wasn't the best outing I'd ever been on. We asked the driver to take us to the high street, and he told us to get off somewhere that turned out to NOT be the high street. It was really far away from the high street, actually. Like. What LE HECK. And it was raining non-stop. We had to take another bus to get to where we wanted to be. Though it wasn't so bad in the end; we had lunch at this really quaint little tea shop, I had a really tasty jacket potato.

On the last day, as it was still raining we went to the Weymouth Sea Life, which was actually so cool oh my gosh? I saw these otters, they were SO CUTE! I don't think I'd ever seen otters before, if I did I was too young to remember it. There were also seals which according to my dad I did see before, but I couldn't remember seeing them, so yeah. They were really cute as well, they looked like dogs kinda. And the turtles. I LOVE TURTLES DO NOT ASK ME WHY. THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE. I've decided that when I'm older I want a couple of turtles as pets. There were penguins, too, but they happened to be moulting and they looked sort of... strange. And of course, there were fishes of all sorts, including some really colourful seahorses. The only downside was that the place was filled with little kids and it was a bit hard to really enjoy seeing the fish when you were being jostled about by little people yelling "Look! NEMO!!" Still, it was a fun day.

 The only downside to the holiday (apart from the rain) was that the holiday cottage we rented was in, ahem, not one of the nicest areas of Weymouth. We were right next to the train station, so there was quite a bit of noise from the trains. Also, there always seemed to be people lurking around the entrance to the station, who looked... interesting, let's just leave it at that. There were a lot of interesting looking people in the area. But as we spent most of the time on the beach it was okay.

So yeah, I had a great time on holiday, but while I'm a bit sad that it's over I'm quite glad to be back home now. It means I can get on with stuff I want to do, like blogging, for example.

Which brings me to the next thing I want to talk about. While I was away I was thinking about this blog, and I've decided I want to make changes to it. Not just the layout changes I made before going away; I want to change this blog's subject. I've decided I don't want to write reviews anymore. I was never really good at it, and to be honest I don't enjoy it that much. I'm also going to be doing less life posts, as I'm a bit bored of doing those. I just don't want blogging to start feeling like a burden; I want it to be something I enjoy, and lately I've started losing my enthusiasm for blogging.

So if I'm not going to be writing reviews and I'm going to be writing less life posts, what am I going to be posting about...? Well, the answer is I'm going to make this blog more about my writing. Creative writing, I mean. Short stories, and I've recently started writing some poetry. Creative writing is what I enjoy doing the most, so it makes sense that I'd make my blog about that, right? Don't worry, I'm still going to be rambling about life, and ranting about things that annoy me, but I just want the main focus of this blog to be my stories and poems. 

There's a couple of stories and poems that I wrote a few weeks ago that I'm going to be sharing here over the next few days, so stay tuned!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have any of you guys been on holiday yet? Or are you going to go on holiday at some point soon? Where? Comment and tell me! You know, if you want to. *grins awkwardly* Why do I suck at being friendly??

Stay awesome!



  1. I visit Weymouth every now and then and I know what you mean about the 'interesting' people - Google Streetview of the corner of Ranelagh Road and Queen Street says it all... At least the beach makes up for it. When you were on Portland did you see George Reforne church? It's got a classic horror movie graveyard!

  2. Haha, yeah the beach definitely makes up for it :) And no I don't think I saw that church on Portland, but the graveyard sounds interesting!

    Thanks for commenting!


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