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Hey guys... so I feel like it's time for a "life update" post, i.e. a post where I just ramble about stuff that's going on in my life, that interests absolutely no-one but hey, I find them fun to write. So whatever. Hmm, I'm not really sure what to talk about? What's been going on in my life lately...?

Well, I guess there's the Laptop Story, that happened last week. If I can bring myself to tell it, *takes deep breath* it's... it's still a painful story for me. *Sniffles* I'm joking, I'm joking. Basically, what happened is this:

I'm just on my laptop, happily typing away at the keyboard, writing a blog post or whatever, when my laptop suddenly informs me there's a system update available. Okay, cool, I think. When I go to switch off my laptop, I get an option that says "update and shut down". I click it. So far so good. Anyway, the following day I switch my laptop on and it does a screen that says "installing update, please don't switch off the computer" or something along those lines anyway. Nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that it seems to be uploading the update at a super-slow speed, but I blame that on our crappy Wi-Fi. So I leave the laptop to its installing and go downstairs to use the main PC instead. About twenty minutes later, I go upstairs and to check how my laptop's doing, if it's already finished. But by the time I get there, something terrible has happened...


*screams wildly in terror like someone in a horror movie*

Basically the system update caused my laptop's operating system to crash. There was obviously something wrong with the update, I dunno. So the operating system was fried. And if you don't know, without an operating system a computer is about as useful as a boiled potato. All my poor laptop could do was open up a blue screen that said "your computer needs to be fixed" and that was pretty much all we could get out of it. My dad said he'd try and fix it, and he'd ask some guy he works with, who is some sort of computer genius, for help.

So then followed a few very painful days of uncertainty as I waited for my dad to have enough time to work on my laptop... I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to use it again, or if it was broken forever... Hard times, hard times...

And then it happened! My dad's friend said he could send us another Windows 10 operating system to replace the one that had been fried!! YAY!! Of course, we couldn't be sure that it would work; the laptop's system could have been corrupted and that would mean that it wouldn't work even with a new operating system. But we tried it, and... IT WORKED!!! I have my laptop back!! Sadly, I lost a few files, but most of my stuff had been backed up to a USB device so it wasn't anything too bad. I just lost a few beginnings of stories that I would have liked to keep, but oh well, there wasn't anything we could do...

And that's the Laptop Story! The End!

Okay, what else can I talk about now? Oh yes, I've recently gotten into coding. I'm making a role-playing game on Scratch, which is... just terrible, actually, but I'm having fun making it and I guess that's what matters? When it's finished I'll give you guys a link to it so you can play it.

Lately I've been reading "The Mortal Instruments" series by Cassandra Clare, and oh my gosh they're soo good! I'm loving it so far. I mean, sometimes I get kind of annoyed at all the romanticky stuff, which I'm not really into, but at the same time I kind of do like the romanticky bits? I don't know, I'm a confusing person. Oh, and it has vampires in it. I LOVE VAMPIRES -

Random person: Um, why??

Me: Because they are SO COOL. I mean, dead people who survive off living people's blood? What's NOT TO LOVE?

Random person: Ummm... okayyy.... if you say so *backs off slowly*

Whatever, whatever. Anyway, "The Mortal Instruments", great series, read it. Unless you're really not into romance, then steer clear. If you don't like fantasy then don't read it either. Because it is basically a fantasy series. Werewolves and vampires and faeries and all that. I love it. I just realised what a sucky job I'm making of explaining these books. If you're interested in knowing what they're about, seriously, go and ask someone else because I am so bad at explaining stuff.

There's something I kind of wanted to ask you guys. Basically, I always write my stories on Microsoft Word. And I always use the same font, and the same size. Times New Roman, size 13. And I mean that I always use this writing. Like. I cannot write using a different type of writing. It just feels so wrong. It HAS to be size 13, it can't be size 12 or 14, oh no, no way, no deal. So I guess what I'm trying to ask is, do other people who write also have preferences like this? Or am I just nuts? (Well, we all know the answer to that question...)

Anyway... I just realised how much I overuse the word "anyway". Anyway, that's all I've got time for today. I hope you enjoyed this little ramble. If you did, comment stuff. I like comments, they're so awesome. Okay... signing off now.



  1. Ah, the laptop struggles, I know them well, and can sympathize with you. I also have crappy wifi too.. :/

    1. Sounds like we're both victims of rebellious laptops and terrible internet (though we've recently gotten better WiFi at our house, yayy). It's so frustrating when your laptop doesn't want to work properly 😐

  2. Oh I love the Mortal Instruments SO SO MUCH!! The banter is on point.😂 I always end up laughing soooo much at their dialogue!

    BUT THAT'S SO SCARY AND TERRIBLE ABOUT YOUR COMPUTER. 😭😭 Note to self: never do updates. I'm glad you got a semi-good fix for it, but saaaad you lost stories. I had a bit of a laptop catastrophe this month too with my keyboard just stopping working and all the keys sticking. But I got the keyboard replaced and it's working again Yayyyyyy. WE WRITERS AND OUR COMPUTER WOES.😭😂😂

    1. Yeah, the dialogue is like the best thing about The Mortal Instruments! It's soo good, it's a great series 😃
      And I know, right? I nearly had a heart attack when my laptop stopped working! MY LAPTOP IS MY LIFE. I need it to write my stories!! I'm definitely never doing a system update again 😐 Though I didn't really lose anything too important, so it wasn't so bad.
      Thanks for commenting by the way!


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