"Waiting For You": A poem

You know, I've been thinking
And I realised I've lost count
Of how many years it's been since you left
It's been that long
I remember that midwinter's morning
When you told me you had to leave
I said goodbye to you in the falling snow
And you didn't tell me you were coming back
You didn't promise me anything
Though before you turned away
I thought I saw
A look in your eyes
An unspoken vow that you'd return
Though maybe I was mistaken
Maybe I imagined it
Maybe there was no look, no vow
And you never intended to come back at all
But I waited for you
As the days turned into weeks
And the weeks turned into months
And the months turned into years
But you know, I've had a great life
I've seen empires rise and fall
I've lived through things most wouldn't even imagine
But through it all
I always thought
About what it would be like if you were by my side
If you'd only returned
But the years turned into decades
And the decades turned into centuries
And I'm still waiting for you
Though I persuaded myself that I no longer care
That I've let you go
I know deep down in the depths of my soul
That no matter what happens
No matter how long I live
I'll always be waiting for you
To come back to me.


Hope you enjoyed this piece of writing, if you did please please leave a comment, I love getting feedback on my work! 



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